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Conquering Dating Apps for Married Individuals: Seeking Fulfillment Beyond Brothels

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The number of married men and women looking for a “second partner” is increasing.

Married men’s apps” have been introduced several times in this magazine. The catchy term second partner the married individuals’ app, which we have introduced several times in our magazine, has gained particular support from women as a new meeting place, thanks to its catchy phrase more than friends, less than lovers = second partner.

The majority of users on the married individuals’ app are in their 40s to 50s, and it seems that both men and women are not familiar with matching apps. Especially male beginners often struggle, saying, “I don’t match at all.” or “Even if I match, the conversation doesn’t last, and we never meet.” Even those who have used conventional dating apps complain, saying, “The monthly subscription fee is too high for such a low matching rate.”

However, what drives men to venture into the married individuals’ app? It’s said to be the emotional fulfillment that can’t be obtained from sugar daddy activities or brothels.

Mr. A, a 50-year-old office worker living in Tokyo, shares his experience: “I used to do sugar daddy activities. It was fun to have physical relationships with young women, but it was just a relationship mediated by money. It felt empty somewhere. Recently, I started dating someone of the same age on the married individuals’ app. We exchange LINE messages every day, and even though we only go on dates twice a month, the financial burden is minimal, just covering meal and hotel expenses. It reminds me of the time when I was young and in love, and I’m satisfied.”

Many might think, “Should I give it a try too?” when hearing about this. However, there might also be many who feel anxious, thinking, “Isn’t it impossible if I’m not good-looking?” or “I don’t know what to highlight in my profile,” or “What should I ask in messages?” So, this time, I asked Mr. A (50), a company employee who claims to have great success in conquering the impregnable married individuals’ app, about his techniques.

According to Mr. A, in a nutshell, appearance and profile are crucial.

“The most important thing on married individuals’ app is appearance. Here, appearance refers to your profile picture. When you look at the pictures of men uploaded on the app, there are too many unattractive ones. Also, your profile is important, of course. However, unlike regular dating apps, just writing sweet nothings to try to appeal to others won’t necessarily increase your matching rate.”

While the importance of photos and profiles is often emphasized in regular dating app strategies, there are even more unique rules in the case of married individuals’ apps.


The paid version of “FRIDAY GOLD” includes even more detailed techniques for matching with good women, as well as what to do after matching, as well as strategies and recommended apps for each woman’s age, according to Mr. A’s direct instructions.

The “Married Men’s Club” with the No. 1 membership, and its strategies (from the official website).

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