Former Fuji TV Announcer Moemi Kushiro Spotted Enjoying Newlywed Life with Popular YouTuber | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former Fuji TV Announcer Moemi Kushiro Spotted Enjoying Newlywed Life with Popular YouTuber

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Free announcer Moemi Kushiro and her husband, YouTuber Haru-kun, announced their first pregnancy.

“I had been thinking about announcing it once the baby is born. Some people announce their pregnancy, but I didn’t really feel the need to, so I wasn’t planning on it. But my belly has grown so much that I couldn’t hide it anymore.”

Former Fuji TV announcer Moemi Kushiro (34), who is now freelance, appeared in a video posted by her husband, popular YouTuber Haru-kun (28), on May 18 to announce their first pregnancy. On this day, Haru-kun launched a new channel called “Haruki’s Life” and uploaded the first video titled “First Video:  We Have an Announcement from Haruki and His Wife.” Kushiro appeared only by voice and explained following the opening words,

“I’m not really hiding the fact that I’m pregnant, so, well, it doesn’t matter either way whether we announce it or not! (laughs)”

“The two got married in 2020. After that, Kushiro moved to a network station to adjust her position in July 2021 and left the station at the end of March 2022. She joined Yoshimoto Kogyo in April and currently works as an event host and occasionally appears as a guest on variety shows on Fuji TV, her former workplace. Recently, fans have been noticing changes in her Instagram photos, commenting on how the atmosphere has changed or she’s become a bit plump, so perhaps fans already had a feeling about her pregnancy,” according to an entertainment agency official.

“FRIDAY” magazine reported the couple’s romance in November 2019.

On a certain afternoon, a handsome couple appeared from a condominium in a high-end residential area of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. The woman, wearing a mask, was Moemi Kushiro, a Fuji TV announcer who was then serving as an assistant on shows like “Wide na Show” and “Sanma no Owarai Koujoukai.”

The tall man beside her, monopolizing her smile, was none other than YouTuber Haru-kun. He forms a unit called “Kitano Uchishitachi” with his partner “Felt” and posts videos showcasing otagei dances synchronized with hit songs. At the time, this magazine obtained the following testimony:

“Haru-kun and Kushiro started dating around October 2019. They seem to be lovey-dovey, going on Disney dates and practically living together at Haru-kun’s place,” said a friend of Haru-kun.

Intimate photos of the two on dates had leaked to a third party, becoming known to many.

“Haru-kun has a close friend who is the president of a venture company and often meets celebrities at parties hosted by him. Kushiro seems to have met him at a mixer organized by that president,” the same friend added.

The magazine caught up with the couple as they emerged from their love nest. While Kushiro responded, “Please go through our PR department,” without providing specific answers, seeing the two of them blushing and smiling happily indicated that their semi-cohabitation relationship was going smoothly.

Next, the magazine reported on the couple’s snapshot nine months after their marriage, in March 2021.

Around noon, they were spotted leaving their apartment under one umbrella. Trying to hail a taxi but struggling due to the intense rain and wind, Kushiro was exposed to the harsh weather. Seeing this, Haru-kun took his beloved wife to the shelter of a nearby building and went alone to the street. Eventually, he managed to hail a taxi, and they rode together.

“Before marriage, they were living together in Haru-kun’s apartment, but around the time of their registration, they purchased a unit in a tower mansion. Located in one of the prime areas in Tokyo, the apartment cost approximately 150 million yen. Even within the station, there were rumors like ‘As expected of a popular YouTuber with 1.2 million subscribers (at the time),’ with laughter,” said a Fuji TV insider.

In the marriage announcement video, Kushiro touched upon the recent talk about her changed demeanor.

“It’s no big deal. It’s not a mistake. Because I’ve gained weight, I’m a bit chubby. I don’t really care about it, though. It’s whatever. That’s just how it is,” she said with laughter. 

Lastly, Haru-kun sought advice, saying, 

“I think even our fathers are watching, so please tell us various things.” 

Now, we eagerly await the birth announcement in a three-shot!

In order to hail a taxi, Moemi Kushiro and popular YouTuber Haru-kun walk towards the main street. Perhaps they were looking for a lunch spot, as each of them was intensely focused on their smartphone screens. (November 29, 2019 issue)
Fuji TV’s Moemi Kushiro and popular YouTuber Haru-kun in Semi-Cohabitation – Direct Hit on the Love Nest of the Couple! (November 29, 2019 issue)
Fuji’s Moemi Kushiro lives together with a popular YouTube star, Haru-kun! (November 29, 2019 issue)
Two people walking side by side. The couple seems to be getting along well (April 23, 2021 issue).
Fuji’s Moemi Kushiro Directly interviewed about her lovey-dovey newlywed life! Unpublished cut from this magazine Fuji announcer Moemi Kushiro A direct interview about their lovey-dovey newlywed life! (April 23, ’21 issue)
Fuji’s Moemi Kushiro Directly interviewed about her lovey-dovey newlywed life! (April 23, ’21 issue)
Fuji’s Moemi Kushiro interviews the lovely newlywed life! (April 23, ’21 issue)
The image posted by @kushiro_moemi, who has been talked about as having “changed his mood recently” (from his Instagram @kushiro_moemi)
The image (from his own Instagram @kushiro_moemi)
A photo posted by @kushiro_moemi, who has been talked about as having “changed his mood recently” (from his own Instagram @kushiro_moemi)
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