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Inaba Foods Addresses Old House Controversy Amid Ongoing Internal Leaks

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Due to various reasons, Toei Animation announced the cancellation of collaboration with Inaba Foods. (From Toei Animation official website)

In April, Inaba Foods apologized on their website after reports surfaced that the new employee dormitory was a super rundown house with leaking roofs and that they had lied about salary conditions during recruitment. However, internal leaks seem to be unstoppable.


According to Bunshun Online, Yuko Inaba, the chairwoman and wife of the company president, who is referred to as the empress, issued a ban on Apple Watches for employees and pointed out that the factory was violating the Food Sanitation Act. Additionally, X influencer Gareso Takizawa has been continuously posting photos and videos of tips he received since the beginning of the controversy.

Notably, Yuko Inaba has been leaked in images and videos favoring handsome employees as her personal attendants and making them buy expensive wallets for reasons such as being slightly away from the chairwoman. On May 14, she was also exposed with photos revealing poor hygiene conditions in the pet food manufacturing process.

“In response to these allegations, on May 15, Inaba Foods updated their website with a section titled ‘Regarding the Hygiene Management and Quality Control of Our Pet Food Production.’ They posted photos of clean nozzles and other equipment, implicitly ‘rebutting’ the claims about the factory’s hygiene conditions,” said a national newspaper reporter.

The controversy shows no signs of abating, but it appears that the president and chairwoman have no intention of taking responsibility.

“Inaba Foods is an owner-operated company founded by the Inaba family in 1805. Even if a scandal occurs, the hurdle for dismissal is very high.

One possible exception might be if the company is held criminally liable under the Labor Standards Act or the Food Sanitation Act, which could force a resignation to take responsibility in the eyes of the public,” said the same national newspaper reporter.

In response to the situation, some businesses have decided to cut ties with the company.

On April 26, the TV anime “Wonderful Pretty Cure!” (TV Asahi) announced on its official website that it had canceled the collaboration campaign with Inaba Foods, “Inaba Wan Churu & Inaba CIAO Churu × ‘Wonderful Pretty Cure!’ Image Posting Campaign.” While details were not provided, the announcement explained,

“Due to various circumstances, we have decided to cancel after discussions.”

This has even led to a boycott movement among some cat lovers online. Inaba Foods has been responding through their website and other means, but internal leaks do not seem to be stopping.

“Neither President Inaba nor Chairwoman Yuko have come forward to apologize. They seem to be adopting a silence is golden approach, waiting for the storm to pass. However, the grievances from employees and staff, once ignited, are unlikely to subside easily.

Initially, the issue was about the employee dormitory being ‘too rundown,’ but it has gradually escalated to concerns about the factory’s hygiene and violations of the Food Sanitation Act, which are critical to their operations. If they want to quell the situation quickly, it is crucial for those responsible to come forward, apologize, and announce measures for improvement,” said a TV station reporter.

The wall of Inaba Foods’ factory reads, “Making cats around the world happy.” We hope they will also take actions that satisfy the cat owners who love those cats.

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