Yasuko’s image as a “good person” has not been destroyed by her “first scandal” when she was a self-defense official. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yasuko’s image as a “good person” has not been destroyed by her “first scandal” when she was a self-defense official.

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Yasuko’s trademark is her camouflage uniform and short hair parted into 7 thirds as she is from the Self-Defense Forces. ……

Yasuko, a comedian who is currently enjoying her big break, has been the subject of a news report that may make you doubt your ears.

The May 30 issue of Shukan Bunshun (weekly magazine) reported that Yasuko, while in the Self-Defense Forces, had coached junior comedians in an intimidating manner and had even grabbed at them in a violent manner.

Yasuko has a unique background in that she joined the Self-Defense Forces after graduating from high school and later became a comedian. Her trademark is a habit of saying “Hi~,” which comes from her distinctive camouflage outfit and split hairs, and she got her big break last year.

In a survey of fashion-conscious high school students conducted by Shibuya Trend Research, he was ranked as the number one favorite comedian.

He said, “I work five jobs a day, and I never have a day off. He said he had worked 300 consecutive days as of the end of last year, a murderous schedule that only allowed him to sleep at home for three hours a week. It is no exaggeration to say that he is the most successful comedian in Reiwa.

There are many people who find his appearance “comforting” and “likable. That is why she is constantly receiving offers from the TV industry.

According to the article, Yasuko suddenly entered her junior’s room when she was in the Self-Defense Forces

She said, “You guys are really an eyesore, get lost! Get lost!

She said that Yasuko suddenly came into her junior’s room and said, “You guys are really an eyesore, get lost!

When the junior said, “It’s not good to talk like that,” he grabbed her and drove her to the wall with great force. The attitude of the junior staff was not good originally, but it is true that there is a gap between Yasuko and the person seen on TV.

Once on “Wednesday’s Downtown” (TBS), Yasuko was put through a “surprise” program in which a “power-harassing director” shaved the heads of ADs who made mistakes one after the other. She boldly resisted the “power harassment director” and tried to stop his brutality. Yasuko’s favorability rating was further boosted by this action. ……” (sports newspaper reporter)

In a past interview with online media, Yasuko said that she became a comedian because a female friend she met on social networking service asked her to be a comedian and to do a manzai with her.

She had no interest in or knowledge of comedy, but her friend was mentally weak and she didn’t know what would happen if she refused, so she accepted the offer. She says that she wrote the comic material and helped him practice because she “couldn’t abandon my friend and wanted to help him as much as I could. It is hard to believe that such a kind-hearted Yasuko-san would be the subject of such a report.

The comments on social networking sites in response to the Bunshun article were generally in Yasuko’s defense.

The reason why there is little bashing of Yasuko is because many people think that the image she has shown on TV so far is “not true. Also, the fact that Yasuko is in the “tough world” of the Self-Defense Forces may have something to do with it, and her commercials are still being aired as usual.

Yasuko has become so popular that one can hardly go a day without seeing her. Will Yasuko ever be able to tell the truth?

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