Tanaka Minami, Kato Ayako, Eto Ai, and the Top 12 Female Announcers Share Precious Rookie Days Photos! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tanaka Minami, Kato Ayako, Eto Ai, and the Top 12 Female Announcers Share Precious Rookie Days Photos!

This is a special late-spring issue that takes a look back at their rookie years, from the most popular announcers at each station to the big names who are now freelance!

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TBS Minami Tanaka (37), currently a freelance announcer who joined the company in 2017, was a graceful character at present, but on her fourth day with the company, she was performing surprisingly humble duties such as traffic control at the “All-Star Thanksgiving Festival”.

Even today’s most popular announcers were freshmen when they were new to the company.

Minami Tanaka (37), now active as an actress, says that her character was completely different from that of today.

When she first joined TBS, I had the impression that she was a modest honor student. I was surprised when she took charge of “Sunday Japon” in her second year and turned into a “burikko” character, but that was the catalyst for her success,” said an employee of a program production company.

One person who showed glimpses of a major talent soon after joining Fuji Television was Ayako Kato (39).

The responsiveness she showed on her flagship program “Katopan” was impressive. The surprised expression on her face after she was admonished by guest Hiroyuki Ariyoshi as a “30% discount woman” was amazing and convinced me that she was going to be a big seller,” said female announcer watcher Daijiro Maruyama.

On the other hand, there are announcers who do not stand out as newcomers but show great growth, such as TBS’s Ai Eto (38).

In her first year, she seemed to be hidden behind her colleague Minami Tanaka, but she steadily improved her announcing skills and became a successful announcer in charge of everything from news to music programs after turning 30,” said a TBS insider.

Mr. Maruyama explains the fresh charm of new announcers.

Maruyama explains the freshness of the new announcers’ appeal: “Their skills and atmosphere gradually become more refined as they experience appearing on many programs. However, it is during the rookie period that you can see the most of their unadorned appearance, such as their facial expressions and the way they return the talk.

This year will also see the birth of many newcomers, including TV Asahi’s Akari Matsuoka and Gako Miyama, who made their debut on April 1. It might be a good idea to find the best of the best before they make their big breakthrough.

Ayako Kato (39), Fuji Television Network, joined in 2008, currently freelance Super Ayako, who has been offered positions at Fuji, Nippon TV, and TBS] Kato wore an eye-catching white suit to her induction ceremony. She even had time to smile and wave when she spotted her new colleague, Keiko Tsubakihara.
Ai Eto (38), who joined TBS in 2009] With a red light in her hand, Ai Eto manages traffic at the “All-Star Thanksgiving Day” event. She graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University with a degree in Literature, the same as her colleague Tanaka.
Akiko Kuji (29), Fuji Television Network, joined the company in 2009, currently freelance] Kuji comes from a modeling background. She participated in a Halloween event held in Odaiba, Tokyo, where she showed her beautiful legs to the audience.
Minami Ishikawa (27) Joined NTV in 2020] Minami Ishikawa has been in charge of the flagship program “ZIP! In high school, she was a member of the track team and enjoys long-distance running.
Fuji Television Network, Yumi Nagashima (32) Joined in 2014] Her father, Akihiro, a former Japanese national soccer player, attended her induction ceremony. In her second year with the company, the father and son co-starred in a live soccer broadcast.
In her first year, she was highly rated for her reading of scripts, and in 2009 she replaced Miku Natsume, who had retired, to take charge of “Truth Report: Bankisha! from ’21, replacing the retired Natsume Mitsuhisa.
In an interview with FRIDAY right after joining the company, she made a surprising confession: “I have a complex about being told I don’t make a good first impression.
Minako Nakano (44) Joined Fuji Television Network, Inc. in 2002, currently freelance] She won the Miss Keio title in 1999, and joined the company with a bang. As a native of Kagawa, she was interviewed and photographed by FRIDAY while eating udon noodles.
TBS Ayako Nomura (26) Joined in 2020] A thoroughbred whose father is Mansai Nomura, a Kyogen actor, she made her debut at “Comedy Day” in September. Currently on a leave of absence, awaiting her return.
TV Tokyo Akiko Kakutani (29) Joined in 2017] In her first year, she worked with Akira Ikegami on an election special program. She became a popular TV announcer after gaining recognition during her time as a field caster for WBS.
Yuka Ebihara (30), Fuji Television Network, joined in 2017] Within six months of joining the company, she was selected as a regular on “Tokudane! She is 169cm tall and was the captain of her high school volleyball team.

From the May 10 and 17, 2024 issue of FRIDAY

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