A sense of success as a “commoner” and “honest” announcer on the “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” is predicted. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A sense of success as a “commoner” and “honest” announcer on the “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” is predicted.

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Shuri Matsuoka, an announcer who is rapidly gaining popularity (from @tvasahi_announcers, the official Instagram of TV Asahi announcers).

On April 1, Shuri Matsuoka made her debut as the fourth assistant for the “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” (TV Asahi).

In recent years, TV Asahi has been successful in assigning newcomers to morning programs. Minami Moriyama, who has been with the company for four years, has been in charge of “Good Morning” and “~Morning” since then! Morning” and then “~Morning Show” before moving to “Super J Channel” this spring, where she has been well received by viewers.

Second-year announcer Risako Arai also showed more and more ability on “~Morning”, and as a result, prevented the return of anchor Erina Arai. In such a situation, Matsuoka’s words and actions stand out in a good way, and Hatori-san teases her every day with amusement,” said a TV magazine writer.

Matsuoka’s appearance on the program first appeared on the Internet news on April 1, her first day on the show.

She first appeared on the Internet news on April 1, her first day on the air. I will do my best to convey information to viewers in an easy-to-understand manner. I will do my best to present information in an easy-to-understand way for our viewers.

Matsuoka greeted the audience with the vocalization and glibness typical of a rookie who has just received training in announcing. According to Hatori, she started two hours before the program started,

I was practicing 30 times. I was in the next room listening with tears in my eyes.

He said. Afterwards, commentator Yoshizumi Ishihara said, “I envy you because you are fresh,

I envy you because you are so fresh. I’ll do my best too!

In response, Matsuoka said, “Oh, that’s a little out of line,

In response, Matsuoka gave a dry assessment, saying, “Oh, that’s a little out of line.

Matsuoka’s assessment was harsh. Toru Tamagawa stood up and applauded, saying, “That’s wonderful,” and this became the subject of several Internet news stories.

It seems that it is very unusual for a newcomer from Generation Z to join the “Morning Show,” which has a high “old man” ratio even among the side-by-side live wide variety shows, and after that, Mr. Hatori made a joke about Matsuoka at any time, In the April 9 broadcast, Hatori revealed, “Matsuoka-san used to work part-time at a supermarket when he was a university student.

That day, the topic was the price hike of leafy vegetables, and Mr. Hatori looked even more smug than Matsuoka, who said, “I am quite knowledgeable about price information. I think they are communicating very well.

While female announcers at Tokyo TV stations are all strong, having worked as TV personalities while in college or having been selected as Miss Campus, Matsuoka has no such history, and her part-time job is very ordinary: “I worked as a cashier at a supermarket.

At TV Asahi, Marina Namiki, who was selected as an assistant for “Music Station” immediately after graduation, is known to have pulled a rickshaw in Asakusa when she was a student,” said a staff member of a wide-screen TV show.

Unlike on “M STATION,” Matsuoka’s presence on the “Morning Show,” where she can talk about her own opinions and experiences on a daily basis, is only going to get bigger.

In the April 19 broadcast, a new employee who leaves the company immediately after joining was featured, and Matsuoka was asked by Hatori, “You’re not quitting, are you? However, she fluently expressed the thoughts of a friend of hers who had registered on a job change site and said, “I haven’t registered on a job change site. I feel that it is possible.” Hatori-san rolled his eyes at this point.

Two days earlier, while watching a video of cute pets and commenting on them, Hatori commented on a Shiba-dog who was enjoying being bathed in sand, saying, “You’re a dominatrix. Hatori warned them, “Announcer, you don’t say that very often. It is hard to find a rookie announcer whose character is so well known at other stations before the end of April. She and Mr. Hatori are already a great duo,” said a staff member.

On April 29, Matsuoka was asked how she would like to spend the big holiday weekend,

On April 29, when Matsuoka was asked how he spent the big holiday weekend, he replied, “I got my first salary last weekend, so I treated my sister and mother to dinner.

Hatori responded, “I would have cried if someone did that to me,

Hatori responded, “If someone did that to you, you would probably cry and not taste it.”

Hatori replied, “If they did that to me, I would cry and it wouldn’t taste good. Hatori’s eyes narrowed as if she had heard it from her own daughter.

While the side-by-side live wide variety shows are increasingly targeting younger viewers, “The Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” is overwhelmingly supported by the M3 and F3 (men and women over 50 years old) demographic. The reactions of the “old men’s army” of Hatori, Yoshizumi, Kazushige Nagashima, and Mr. Tamagawa surrounding Shuri Matsuoka, a member of Generation Z, are likely to be the show’s selling point. We will be keeping a close eye on what Shuri Matsuoka has to say in May and beyond.

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