The Unseparable Couple Maika Yamamoto & Kenta Ito Navigate Life After Shedding Desire for Marriage | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Unseparable Couple Maika Yamamoto & Kenta Ito Navigate Life After Shedding Desire for Marriage

Maika Yamamoto and Kentaro Ito: "After That Hot Scoop" - Maika Yamamoto and Kentaro Ito

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Maika Yamamoto (26) and Kentaro Ito (26) met through co-starring in a movie and started dating in ’19. The couple’s breakup was reported once due to a hit-and-run incident that Ito caused in October 2008, but it seems that they had been nurturing their love in secret.” We look back at the details based on an article distributed on February 1, 2012.

Ito (left) and Yamamoto go out for Chinese food late at night in their loungewear. They look exactly like a live-in couple.

They walked past us and asked, “Can you take a picture with us?”

A young man who looked at me twice after passing by rushed back to me.

It was a night in January. Kentaro Ito stood out that much in the neon district of Shibuya Ward.

In addition to being nearly 180 cm tall, he was not wearing any disguise such as sunglasses or a mask. It must have been quite a surprise to see him walking around so unassumingly in this town, which is known for having drinks with ordinary customers, such as Arata Furuta (58) and Yusuke Iseya (47).

Moreover, Ito was willing to be photographed.

A short distance away, there was a beautiful woman smiling at Ito.

It was Maika Yamamoto, looking rather sexy in a dark green setup.

After the photo session suddenly started in a back alley, Yamamoto went to a nearby Don Quijote.

After killing some time in the store, she met up with Ito, who had finished shooting. They went into a Chinese chain, which was also overflowing with customers.

Yamamoto also took off his mask in the restaurant, and when his acquaintance joined them about 10 minutes later, the two popular actors were chatting about their real faces in the cramped restaurant, where they almost bumped into the customers sitting next to them.

Ito’s best-known film was, ’18 Ito’s best-known work is the hit “From Today I Am! ! (NTV), which aired in 2006 and became a huge hit. After gaining recognition from men and women of all ages through this work, Ito got her big break when she was cast as a main character in NHK’s television series “Scarlett”.

Yamamoto, on the other hand, was scouted and entered the entertainment industry after being featured in “Tottori Bishojo Zukan” (Tottori Bishojo Zukan). She became the 14th After working as the 14th Re-House Girl and as an exclusive model for “NICOLA”, In 2011, she appeared in the drama series “Still, I Live. In 2011, she made her debut as an actress in the drama series “Soredemo, Ikiteku” (Fuji TV). With Ito In 2008 She is also known for her role in the 2008 film “Today I Am! ! The Movie,” which was released in 2008.

(Sports newspaper entertainment staff). was released in the beginning of the same year, but an ordeal awaited them in the fall of the same year.

Ito was driving his own car when he collided with a motorcycle. Once he left the scene, he was arrested on suspicion of violating the Road Traffic Law and other laws. Although the charges were later dropped, he was forced to cancel his scheduled stage performances and dramas, and was placed in a state of self-imposed inactivity. His girlfriend Yamamoto tried to support him, but the following ’21 It is said that they broke up once in 2009.

Ito returned to acting in October 2009 in a stage production of “SOULFUL SOUL” in which he starred, and in 2010 he starred in the movie “Fuyu Soubi (Winter Rose). As FRIDAY reported in its October 27, 2011 issue, Yamamoto has been busy with TV dramas and movies.

Yamamoto’s work is also going well. However, in January 2010, Shukan Bunshun scooped a Disney date between Yamamoto and Hiro (30), vocalist of the rock band MY FIRST STORY. It was reported that they were “in a close relationship,” and it seemed that Yamamoto and Ito had gone their separate ways.

The stage was once again set at a Chinese chain restaurant with a full table.

After finishing their meal in about an hour, they parted from their acquaintances and walked toward the main street. The time was just before midnight. The street was still full of drunken customers, but while waiting at a traffic light, Ito acted strangely. While waiting at a traffic light, Ito acted strangely. He put his hand around Yamamoto’s well-developed stomach from behind, lifted him up, and started to cross the pedestrian crossing.


Yamamoto’s scream echoed in the late-night crowd, but her expression was truly joyful.

After that, the two returned to their Tokyo apartment together in an SUV with Yamamoto at the wheel. In fact, it was at this apartment that their agency’s pickup truck dropped them off and where they went out and came back together. As far as FRIDAY could tell, they were living together.

One of the most impressive scenes was last Christmas. Ito left her “love nest” with a male acquaintance and headed for the suburbs of Tokyo via expressway, disguising herself as Santa Claus in the car. She and an acquaintance dressed as reindeer joined Yamamoto in the car. After a Christmas dinner at a ramen restaurant, the group drove off to their “love nest.

Last year, Bunshun again reported Ito and Yamamoto’s date, and there was a bit of a commotion among fans as to who was really in love with Hiro. — Yamamoto In fact, Yamamoto categorically denied dating Hiro, saying they were “friends” and “went to Disney together. As for Ito, he clearly stated that they are ‘good friends’ and that he ‘wants to support her.

In March 2010, Yamamoto made a surprise appearance at the final screening and awards ceremony for the “Bishojo Zukan AWARD 2022,” an audition held in Tokyo to discover the “gem of a beautiful girl,” and when asked about her love life, she said, “I want to go out with someone I like and get married.

I want to go out with someone I like and get married.

As for marriage, she also revealed, “Recently, I lost it.” ……

Yamamoto is currently busy with dramas: in the January season drama “Yami Baito Kazoku” (TV Tokyo), she played the heroine who has an unspeakable problem, but is a tough guy who gets into fights with others. In this season’s drama “Believe – Kimi ni kakeru hashi” (TV Asahi), she plays a subordinate to Takuya Kimura (51), who is struggling to build a bridge as an architect. Ito, on the other hand, is also being reevaluated.

Ito, on the other hand, is also being reevaluated. was released last year and won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Japan Academy Prize in March. He has always had a reputation for his acting ability, and recently there have been many comments on social networking sites, such as, “It’s not good that he caused the incident, but we should acknowledge that he has been working hard recently.

(TV magazine writer) “If all goes well, there is a good chance that they will return to prime-time terrestrial TV dramas within the year. So, it would be nice to think that the two of them might be getting married soon,

On October 22 of last year, Yamamoto appeared on “Bokura no Jikan” (Fuji Television Network). Miyu Ikeda (25), aka Michyopa, asked Yamamoto, “Do you think you want to get married? She replied, “I don’t know. I have wanted to get married since I was 20 years old, but I can’t seem to do it. At that time, I had two dramas coming up, “Yami Bite” and “Believe,” so I guess I wasn’t in that kind of mood.

Perhaps the current state of affairs is the best for the two, who are extremely busy.

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On the way to the Chinese chain, they passed a number of businessmen and students, but their hands remained clasped in a lover’s embrace!
Ito’s amusing talk with gestures blows me away. The two seem to be having fun while eating and on the move anyway!
Maika Yamamoto ♡ Kentaro Ito “Two people who can’t stay apart” smile and live together ″half together″ proudly ″lover’s link″ on a date!
Maika Yamamoto♡Kentaro ItoThe “two people who can’t stay apart” are smiling and living together, proudly holding hands with their lover on a date!
Maika Yamamoto♡Kentaro Ito “The Two You Can’t Stay Away From” Smile as They Live Together
Maika Yamamoto♡Kentaro ItoThe “two people who can’t stay apart” are smiling and living together halfheartedly, proudly holding hands as lovers on a date!
Maika Yamamoto♡Kentaro ItoThe “two people who can’t stay apart” are smiling and living together halfheartedly, proudly dating while holding hands with their boyfriends!
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