NHK’s NHK drama series starting in April is reported to be cancelled by Yoko Maki…but she is still “flooded with offers” and her “popularity” is unexpectedly high. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

NHK’s NHK drama series starting in April is reported to be cancelled by Yoko Maki…but she is still “flooded with offers” and her “popularity” is unexpectedly high.

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She is very popular with people in the industry. ……

Yoko Maki (41) was reportedly hospitalized in early March after falling ill.

It all started with the February 18 broadcast of “Dareka to Nakai” (Fuji TV). Maki, who appeared as a guest on the program, said of Arata Mackenyu (27), who appeared as a guest with her,

Maki made some sexually harassing remarks about his guest, Arata’s 27-year-old son.

Maki made a series of sexually harassing remarks about her guest, Arata Kensuke (27), including, “It’s erotic. Yoshimasa Iwahashi (45) of the comedy duo “Plus Minus” (at the time), who was watching the announcement of the show, said, “Oh, he shot me with an air gun,

Oh, that’s the guy who shot me with an air gun!

The search for the culprit began on social networking sites. However, before he could be identified, Iwahashi himself confessed that the person was Maki. This caused a huge uproar.

Naturally, Maki responded, “It wasn’t me,” and it seemed as if a battle with Iwahashi would break out. However, on February 22, Yoshimoto Kogyo, to which Iwahashi belongs, announced on its official website that the contract had been terminated. The duo was dissolved, and his partner, Takashi Kanemitsu (45), was to work as a pin comedian for the company.

Iwahashi then delivered an apology video on his SNS and apologized for the series of posts. It seemed as if the furore would be settled, but the criticism of Maki on SNS did not subside, but rather increased.

On February 25, Hollywood Zakoshisho (50) posted an “exaggerated” video making fun of Maki. At first, the video seemed to be a big hit, but in March, Maki confessed on SNS that she had been hospitalized. Zakoshi also came under fire when he wrote that he had become anorexic. As a result, he was forced to delete the video and apologize.

Since then, Maki has been labeled as a “pain in the ass” and “dangerous. Now, the furor has died down, and few people have mentioned it on social networking sites, with only the occasional comment about “Oh, by the way, what happened to the furor? How is Maki doing now?

According to a report in Josei Jishin (April 6), Maki had cancelled the NHK drama series in which she was scheduled to appear. However, he was forced to be hospitalized around the time of the incident, which may have made filming impossible. According to a source close to Maki,

“She is now out of the hospital and getting in shape to return to work.

He is now in good physical condition and ready to return to work. Even so, I wonder if they will ever use her in the future, as she is such a frequent cause of trouble. ……

I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

A publicist for a movie distribution company said, “I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

No one cares about the fuss,” said a publicist for a film distributor. I don’t think anyone really thinks she should be on TV. Actors who have been in the spotlight for a long time are different from the rest of us, and they have their own unique personalities and habits. For some reason, only such actors are good actors and attractive. Many directors want to make movies with her.

An honor student is boring. Actors who are known as “bad” or “quirky” have always attracted attention, and it is said that directors and audiences alike want to see their performances. In addition, people who became fans after seeing Maki’s movies and dramas when she was young are now in positions where they can give direction, such as producers and directors, and there are many people in the industry who encourage her.

A producer at a drama production company said, “Maki is called a ‘pouty actress,

Maki is called an “outspoken actress,” but in a sense, her “outspokenness” is her personality. There have been outspoken actresses in the entertainment industry in the past, but Maki and Ryoko Hirosue (43) are the only ones left now. She, too, has caused a lot of public controversy, but she has not lost her popularity. Likewise, she has many fans in the industry.

No TV person would think of shutting her out because of that level of turmoil. Ms. Maki is concerned about her reputation, but from what I have seen, she has recovered quickly. Her comeback may be sooner than expected.”

A staff member from a variety show also said,

“Recently, there has been an increase in the number of bland and mediocre TV personalities, perhaps because they are concerned about social networking. A crazy character like hers is very valuable. It may be a little dangerous for live broadcasts, but variety shows are usually recorded, so it should be fine. Only the netizens and the media are making a fuss about the problem, and the sponsors don’t think anything of it.

On the contrary, he is worried that they will learn from the uproar and shrink away from it.

The more famous an actor is, the more episodes of outrageousness he or she has had.

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