Ohtani’s 100 Billion Yen Income from Advertisement, Buys 2.6 Billion Yen Hawaii Villa | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ohtani’s 100 Billion Yen Income from Advertisement, Buys 2.6 Billion Yen Hawaii Villa

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Shohei Ohtani, whose reported mansion construction in Hawaii amounted to 2.6 billion yen, was featured. His wife, Mamiko Tanaka, also reported to be in his house (from the team’s official X)

It’s really on another level.

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Shohei Ohtani has been reported to have purchased a $17 million (approximately 2.6 billion yen) property in Hawaii’s Big Island.

Although it has been reported in women’s magazines and the like before, this time it was reported by the U.S. media outlet, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

“Ohtani has finalized a contract for prime real estate in Hawaii. He plans to design and construct an approximately 5,000-square-foot home with ocean views in a gated community within the Mauna Kea Resort,” they reported.

Ohtani serves as a marketing partner for a California-based real estate development company’s resort project and his visits to the site are also featured on their website.

Nevertheless, things are happening at a dizzying pace.

Ohtani surprised everyone by marrying Mamiko Tanaka, who was a member of the “Fujitsu” women’s basketball team, on February 28, just before the start of the Major League Baseball season. However, the celebrations were short-lived as he fell victim to a fraud incident perpetrated by former interpreter Issei Mizuhara, losing 2.45 billion yen.

In an investigation by U.S. authorities, Mizuhara allegedly impersonated Ohtani and illegally used approximately 28 billion yen for gambling over about two years, resulting in a net loss of approximately 6.2 billion yen.

The major sports journalist commented,

 “Ultimately, Ohtani’s innocence has been proven, but considering he was betrayed by his closest partner, I think the mental shock must have been considerable. The purchase of real estate in Hawaii was planned before the incident came to light, but with the purchase amount being almost equal to the amount stolen by Mizuhara, there are voices on the internet saying, ‘Is he spending a total of 5 billion yen?’ ‘How much does he actually have?’ ‘It’s a world we can’t even imagine.'”

According to local media reports, what Ohtani purchased is one of 14 luxury detached houses overlooking the vast ocean, complete with training facilities dedicated to batting and pitching.

However, what catches the attention of fans is Ohtani’s comment mentioned in the aforementioned WSJ article.

“I have recently chosen a plot of land in this new development. In the near future, I plan to build a house there and enjoy it for many years to come.”

Taken at face value, it can be interpreted that the real estate in Hawaii is not only a training base for the offseason but also an important home where the family can “enjoy it for many years to come.”

“It seems he plans to end his career in the Major Leagues after all. With a player of this caliber, we also wanted to see him return triumphantly to his former team, the Nippon-Ham Fighters.” (same sports journalist)

Furthermore, there are reports that Ohtani plans to build a luxurious new residence in a prime location in Los Angeles.

“Ohtani’s contract with the Dodgers is an unprecedented 10.15 billion yen. Most of it is deferred, but he earns nearly 10 billion yen annually from advertising alone. Celebrities in the United States often buy real estate. Given that his agent, Nez Balelo, is an investor who owns multiple properties, it’s not surprising that he advised Ohtani on this.” 

Despite being stuck with the bill due to Mizuhara and losing a large amount of money, this shopping spree is sure to be meaningful.

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