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AKB48’s ‘new concept’ to take root through men’s cosmetics

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It is no longer unusual for men to wear makeup. If you look around convenience stores and drugstores, you will see a number of men’s skin care products. In the not-too-distant future, “men’s makeup” may become a natural part of men’s grooming.

Cosmetics manufacturers are developing and introducing new products one after another in an effort to cultivate this “new market,” but there is one men’s cosmetic brand that is attracting a lot of attention. That brand is AKBBeauty For MEN.

One look at its name and it’s easy to see the difference from other men’s cosmetic brands. It’s a cosmetic brand produced by the popular idol group AKB48. AKB, known as the “idols you can go see,” advocates the need for men’s skincare as a way to “look good when you go to see your loved ones. As a first step, they launched “Perfect All-in-One Gel,” a skincare product that includes lotion, milky lotion, essence, and cream all in one.

A pre-sale event was held on SHOWROOM as a “debut event,” and members of AKB who participated in the project introduced the brand and the product in a live broadcast, which immediately became a hot topic, and since its release in October, sales have been brisk. With the increase in online meetings due to the Covid-19 disaster, this product is also recommended for people who want to make a better impression on the screen, and the fact that it is an “all-in-one” product that even beginners in skin care can easily try is gaining popularity.

AKB has established the concept of “idols you can easily go see,” and through this product, they may be able to establish a new concept of “skincare you can easily do” in society…!

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