Fuma Kikuchi’s “absolute” presence attracts the attention of the industry, including former Sekzo fans upset by his “Suddenly Audition. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fuma Kikuchi’s “absolute” presence attracts the attention of the industry, including former Sekzo fans upset by his “Suddenly Audition.

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Sexy Zone renamed “timelesz”. Kento Nakajima (right) has left the group, but Fuma Kikuchi’s presence is supporting the group. ……

On April 1, the popular former Johnny’s group “Sexy Zone” (a.k.a. Sekzo) announced that they have changed the name of their new group to “timelesz. On their official YouTube channel, they spoke about their thoughts on the matter.

Speaking of Sekzo, Nakajima Kento graduated from the group at the end of March. Mariusuha also left the group in 2010, and the plan was for the three of them to work together from April.

Along with the announcement of the new group name, it was announced that auditions for new members would be held. To my surprise, not only junior members were eligible to apply, but also the general public who do not belong to an entertainment agency could apply.

This is the first time that a debutant group, including those from the old Johnny’s days, has recruited members. And, more importantly, ordinary people who are not members of a junior group can suddenly debut as members.

Perhaps because the audition was so “out of the ordinary,” comments on Yahoo!

If someone who has no experience as a junior suddenly joins the group, it will be very difficult to get on track.

“There are advantages to having new members, but there are also disadvantages.

There are advantages to having new members, but there are disadvantages as well,” and there seems to be widespread unrest.

This was unthinkable in the past for Johnny’s, but the management division was changed to “STARTO ENTERTAINMENT” in April, with the president invited from the outside, and this may be a sign of the change from an office-based organization to a talent-based organization. In fact, Fuma Kikuchi, a member of the group, said of the audition, “I was the one who initiated the audition.

I was the one who initiated it,” he said.

I was the one who initiated the audition,” he said.

Fans are upset to hear that an audition is being held, but those in the industry are saying, “You’re good at this. With Marius and Kentee (Nakajima) gone, the three of us are going to be left with only three members, for lack of a better word.

However, the “show” audition process is a “hit formula” used by Korean groups to attract fans from the audition stage. It may be a “dramatization” that existing fans of the Japanese may find difficult to accept, but if successful, the group has the potential to become a top group at once. Kikuchi is indeed the right person to propose such a formula.

In fact, Kikuchi’s reputation in the industry is said to be on the rise.

In fact, Kikuchi’s reputation in the industry has been on the rise. “Sexo used to be a two-sided band with Sato and Nakajima, but Kikuchi’s presence is really growing. I often ask them, “Who do you want to scout in Johnny’s?” I often ask my fellow managers from other offices, “Who do you want to scout for in Johnny’s?

A manager of a major production company said, “Kikuchi’s name always comes up. Speaking of Kikuchi, he is also the manager of “Surprise GP” (Fuji Television Network, Inc.)! (Fuji Television Network),” she became popular for her uncharacteristic undressing. Among former Johnny’s talents, Kikuchi’s “no nonsense” physicality has been highly regarded.

Kikuchi is famous for his reaction to surprises, but he is also an intellectual and quick-witted graduate of Keio University. He is also a graduate of Keio University and is very quick-witted. He is also the one who is in charge of the YouTube channel “Yonino Channel” with Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi. He has enough potential to become an MC in Masahiro Nakai’s class.

Moreover, his acting ability is also highly regarded. He is a first-rate singer, MC, and actor, so I think he is a very rewarding talent for a manager to be able to propose such a future plan and work with him.

What kind of performance will the new group, including Kikuchi and the other new members, give us?

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