Erina Arai’s Departure from Program Amid Pregnancy Announcement Controversy Sparks Speculation, Latest Station Reputation and Potential for Return Discussed | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Erina Arai’s Departure from Program Amid Pregnancy Announcement Controversy Sparks Speculation, Latest Station Reputation and Potential for Return Discussed

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Erina Arai was very popular until the flame war. …… (photo taken November ’21)

Ahead of the April reorganization, new anchors for the news and live wide programs have been announced one after another.

In the midst of all this, the new anchor of “Good Morning” (TV Asahi), which she has been working on for eight years since 2003, is Eriana Arai! Morning” (TV Asahi) for eight years since 2003, announced on Instagram that she would be leaving the show.

She has been on maternity leave from June last year for “Good! Morning” since last June for maternity leave, Arai wrote about her feelings toward the show on March 5. Although the program had left open the possibility of her return to the show, she said, “I was seriously thinking about it more than anything else,

Because this is a program that I worked on earnestly and with the utmost care, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to explore a new way of working on my own, rather than returning to the program half-heartedly.

He stated the reason for his decision to leave the program. Arai was the top earner at her agency, St. Force, and was very popular. She was one of the most popular female celebrities, appearing not only on the Monday-Friday programs, but also on variety shows, sports programs, and the weather corner of weekend information programs.

In April 2011, she announced her “dekiwedding,” which changed the course of her career. At that time, “Good! Morning” skipped its regular segment to feature Ms. Arai’s marriage from various angles, and she herself was heavily criticized on SNS, with comments such as “What a big deal! She herself came under heavy bashing on social networking sites, with comments such as, “How dare you!

In fact, about a month before that, Mito (Mami Mizuto) announced her marriage to Nakamura Rinya live on “ZIP! Good! Morning” may have wanted to follow in their footsteps. The program was the one who planned the event, and Ms. Arai herself was horrified. However, the flames on the Internet did not stop for a while. It was really unfortunate that she was pregnant,” said a TV magazine writer.

As a result, the ratings did not increase and only Arai’s likability decreased, but her reputation in the program was not bad at all.

However, her reputation on the show was not bad at all. “The program staff cared about her so much that they put together a big feature on her as a way of paying tribute to her past efforts. For many years, TV Asahi’s slot has been filled by a series of freelance announcers from “St. Force,” but no one else has been on the show for as long as Ms. Arai.

Chiharu Mori, an announcer who is currently on the show and belongs to the same agency, has seen a drastic decrease in appearances after a mishap involving a drunken hugging incident with a male TV Asahi announcer, but Ms. Arai has made no such mistakes at all. She was a hardworking person who never quit a job once she accepted it, so this incident was a surprise to us.

TV Asahi was waiting for Arai’s return, and the 7:00 p.m. corner, “Oh, My! was left on. The title was a play on Arai’s last name, and in this corner, TV Asahi’s new announcer would go out on location and introduce the latest trends.

However, last April, a new TV Asahi announcer with the same “Arai” surname, Risako Arai, joined the station. She was a rookie, so she was a bit rusty, but she was quick to learn and improved rapidly. In addition, because of Chiharu Mori’s scandalous incident, Arai’s work increased rapidly, and as a result, Arai was in charge of the “Oh, I love it! corner as well,” said a staff member.

It seems that Arai’s “place” was disappearing due to a series of unfortunate events. In addition, Arai had to leave her home before 3:00 a.m. to appear in the second part of the program, which started at 5:25 a.m. Some considered this to be a difficult schedule for Arai, who had just given birth.

The reason is that Ms. Arai was such a successful actress that she probably felt proud that she would be able to return to work someday even if she did not have to push herself so hard. He has a good reputation among TV Asahi’s upper management, the staff of regular TV programs on other stations, and his co-stars, and many of them are fans of his work. There are many people who want her to come back as soon as possible. It is said that there is a high possibility that she will come back as a mamatare,” said an assistant producer of an information program.

Arai will be back in charge of “Oh, I love it! may come sooner than expected.

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