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Figure Skaters Honda Marin and Uno Shoma Spotted Hand-in-Hand After Luxury Shopping

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Marin wore a black down jacket and navy blue skinnies. Uno wore a black down coat over a white shirt with dotted pattern and black pants.

After skating her short program “Faded,” which depicts the highs and lows of her skating life, 22-year-old figure skater Honda Marin couldn’t hold back her tears on the ice.

At the “All Japan Figure Skating Championships 2023” held on December 21st last year, after completing her final performance as an active competitor, Marin, overcome with emotion, was approached by a fellow skater upon returning to the mixed zone. That skater was none other than Uno Shoma (26), with whom Marin had publicly announced her relationship.

As Uno leaned in to speak to Marin, the scene became entirely about the two of them. Their intense love that melts the ice, as witnessed by spectators and the media, left a lasting impression.

“Uno, who had been watching from the stands, was moved to say, ‘If I had watched alone, I definitely would have cried,’ witnessing Marin’s emotionally charged performance. Marin announced her retirement in January this year, transitioning to professional skating and continuing to perform in ice shows. She has also expanded her activities by becoming an ambassador for a brand. Meanwhile, Uno has been diligently preparing for the World Championships opening in Montreal, Canada on March 18th,” said a journalist specializing in figure skating.

Three months have passed since that day when they confidently displayed their togetherness in front of the media. This time, scenes of the couple’s love were spotted in the streets.

FRIDAY witnessed Honda Marin and Uno Shoma confidently walking through one of Tokyo’s premier celebrity neighborhoods in early March. Despite wearing a mask and a black cap pulled low over her eyes, Marin’s long limbs and good figure stood out.


The couple headed to a popular cafe chain known for its domestically roasted coffee.


“While Marin secured a table, Uno went to order, showcasing their teamwork. Uno returned with two hot drinks and a cake on a tray, and they sat facing each other at a table for two. There wasn’t much conversation, and they mostly kept their eyes on their phones while quietly sharing the cake. Their long-standing relationship and comfortable bond were evident. Marin left her seat midway through, but Uno remained for about 30 minutes,” shared a patron who was present in the cafe.


Later, Uno met Marin outside after what seemed to be a shopping trip and they resumed walking hand in hand.

They stopped at a high-end supermarket before heading to their newly built tower apartment. As they approached the entrance, they let go of each other’s hands, and Uno entered first, seemingly mindful of onlookers. A few seconds later, Marin followed into the building. It seems that Uno, who is four years older, takes the lead in their relationship. After announcing her retirement, Marin revealed in an interview:

“Uno is my greatest supporter. When I was struggling, he said, ‘You can quit anytime.’ That’s his kindness.”


Uno is currently facing a challenging season ahead of the World Championships, where he is aiming for his third consecutive title. At the NHK Trophy, the sixth event of the Grand Prix Series this season, he faced harsh judging and finished second due to under-rotation. He even left a comment suggesting the possibility of retiring from the sport.

However, for the upcoming World Championships, Uno will have a strong ally accompanying him to Canada. A national sports journalist revealed:

“It’s none other than Marin. She will be working as a field caster for Fuji TV’s ‘World Figure Skating Championships.’ Marin served as a reporter at the World Junior Championships until March 3, and her interviews with the athletes received high praise. Being able to meet on the rink almost every day in person, Marin will provide an environment where Uno can easily demonstrate his strength.”


Marin running to Uno after achieving his third consecutive victory and offering words of congratulations—this is something we’d like to see in Montreal next.

Marin’s official height is 163cm and Uno’s is 158cm. The height difference between them is more noticeable than the numbers, probably because Marin was wearing thick-soled boots.
Marin Honda and Masama Uno on a date at sunset.
Marin Honda & Masama Uno on a date at sunset
Marin Honda & Masama Uno on a date at sunset
From Marin Honda’s Instagram
From Marin Honda’s Instagram
From Marin Honda’s Instagram
From Marin Honda’s Instagram

From “FRIDAY” March 29, 2024 issue

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