Former South Korean National Soccer Team Member Lee Faces Double Assault While Campaigning, Drill Pressed Against Abdomen | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former South Korean National Soccer Team Member Lee Faces Double Assault While Campaigning, Drill Pressed Against Abdomen

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Lee has also played in Japan. Political activities got him into unexpected trouble.

The incident occurred at a busy station where many commuters pass by.

On the morning of March 7th, just after 7 a.m., at a subway station in the Gyeyang-gu District of Incheon, a candidate for the ruling party, “People’s Power,” Won Hee-ryong, who is running for the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 10th, was greeting voters. The chairman of Ki’s support group is Lee Chun-soo (42), a native of the same city and a former South Korean national soccer team player. Lee found himself unexpectedly involved in trouble here.

“According to the South Korean media ‘Chosun Ilbo,’ an unidentified man in his 60s, Mr. A, approached Lee, seeking a handshake. Reportedly, after shaking hands with Lee, Mr. A kicked his thigh. When he attempted to assault further, the staff intervened and restrained Mr. A. The police were called, and he was apprehended.” (South Korean newspaper reporter)

I know where your family lives.

Later that same day, around 2 p.m., Lee encountered another disturbance. This time, it happened in a shopping street in Incheon while Ki and his team were campaigning.

“In a video obtained by the ‘Chosun Ilbo,’ a man in his 70s, Mr. B, holding a drill in his left hand, first shook hands with Ki. Then, approaching Lee, he grabbed his shoulder, pulled him closer, and pressed the drill against his abdomen. When staff intervened and Lee asked, ‘Why are you doing this?’ he reportedly responded, ‘Too bad. I know where your family lives. Be careful from now on.’ Mr. B, who uttered the abusive remarks, then left the scene.” (Same source)

By March 12th, the police had filed charges against both Mr. A and Mr. B for violations of the Public Official Election Act and were questioning them. Mr. A explained that he had no intention of assaulting anyone, while Mr. B stated that he used the drill because he was disappointed in Lee. Why does Lee face successive troubles?

“Lee served as a South Korean national team member for a long time from 2000 to 2007. He is a former famous player with experience playing overseas in countries like Spain and Japan. Critics from the opposition have long criticized him, alleging that he’s exploiting his fame as a ‘panda’ to attract voters.

There have also been questions about Lee’s political stance. In the previous (2020) general election, he supported a candidate from the opposition ‘Together Democratic Party.’ However, this time, he’s turned around and is supporting Ki, a candidate from the ruling ‘People’s Power’ party. Supporters of the opposition may find this shift unsettling.” (Seoul-based journalist for a national newspaper)

Lee is demanding punishment for both Mr. A and Mr. B for causing him harm. The police are proceeding with their investigation cautiously to determine whether the actions of both suspects constitute threats or assault.


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