Reportedly Conspiring in a Tax Evasion Case…The Surprising Face of the Wife of the “Don of Nihon University | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Reportedly Conspiring in a Tax Evasion Case…The Surprising Face of the Wife of the “Don of Nihon University

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In July 2006, just after the dangerous tackle incident in American football was revealed. Former Chancellor Tanaka leaving a chanko restaurant. A woman can be seen in the background.

The investigation seems to be reaching out to his relatives as well.

On December 5, the general public and sports newspapers reported that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office had determined that the suspect and his wife may have conspired to evade taxes.

It is said that Tanaka was almost completely out of touch with money matters, leaving it to his wife, U-san. Mrs. U is the former president’s safekeeper. It is thought that Mrs. U was the one who actually received the money,” said a reporter from a national newspaper.

In order to gain Tanaka’s favor, Nichidai officials frequently visited Mrs. U’s chanko restaurant in Asagaya, Tokyo. It is said that “congratulatory money” was given to Tanaka on his birthday and whenever he was reappointed as chancellor. It was whispered among those involved with Nihon University that “if you don’t make the ‘chanko pilgrimage,’ you won’t get ahead in your career.

The defendant’s sister also took up with his wife. ……

In September and October of this year, when the special investigators searched Tanaka’s home, they found wads of money haphazardly placed here and there, gathered together with rubber bands. In the December search, about 20 million yen was also found at the home of an employee of a chanko restaurant.

It seems that Mrs. U’s authority was immense within the university. I heard that she was called the ‘Empress of Nihon University. The suspect Tanaka had complete confidence in her. In order to get ahead at Nihon University, it was absolutely necessary to be recognized by Mrs. U. For that reason, many executives went to the chanko restaurant run by Mrs. U.

The defendant Tadao Inokuchi, who was arrested and charged with breach of trust over the reconstruction of the Nihon University Itabashi Hospital, was particularly trusted by Mrs. U. He literally visited her daily and was even promoted to a board member. Inokuchi’s sister is also said to have been a confidante of Mrs. U and was in charge of some of the public relations activities of Nihon University.

It is said that the actual “executive meeting” to decide the policy of Nihon University was also held at Mrs. U’s chanko restaurant.

It is said that the ‘meeting’ was often held in a private room in the back of the building with trusted executives, and the ‘dangerous tackle incident’ that occurred in May 2006 was also discussed at the chanko restaurant. I heard that Mrs. U was usually in attendance.

Mrs. U has gained the trust of the chancellor and is gradually gaining power. I wonder what kind of person she is.

She is a big sumo fan. There was a training camp for the Nihon University Sumo Club near the chanko restaurant, and she got to know the suspect Tanaka. Whenever there was a promotion party for a wrestler from Nihon University, such as Endo (a former komusubi), he would often show up with Tanaka. Because of her influence and wide face in the sumo world, she was called by some as the “female master of the sumo world.

However, her husband was arrested, which may be surprising, but she had a good reputation. She is not the type of person who cares about others and is not outspoken. I could tell from her words and actions that she was always trying to stand up for her husband, Tanaka. Some media reported that she was a former enka singer and Haruo Sanba’s valet, but I have never seen her singing.

They are a close couple who originally met through sumo. I wonder if the excessive concern of the people around them and the huge amount of money have turned them into the “Don and Empress of Nihon University”…

  • Photo by Shinji Hasuo

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