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Junya Ito’s Possible Positional Substitution Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Junya Ito, a member of Japan’s national soccer team, has been removed from the national team after being accused of sexual assault. ……

The situation of Junya Ito, a member of Japan’s national soccer team, who was accused of sexual assault by a weekly newspaper, Shincho, is changing.

It all started with the February 1 issue of Shukan Shincho. In June 2011, Ms. A and Ms. B accused Ito of sexually assaulting them at a hotel in Osaka City. It was learned that they had filed a criminal complaint against Ito and others for “quasi-forcible sexual intercourse.

At the time, the Asian Cup was in full swing. The Japan Football Association, after consulting with Ito himself, decided to remove him from the national team. It is not known if this had any effect, but Moriyasu’s Japan team suffered an upset loss to Iran in the Asian Cup quarterfinals.

Ito, represented by Mr. Hirotaro Kato, has not only countersued Mr. A and others, but has also filed a civil suit against them, demanding 200 million yen in compensation, claiming that he has suffered substantial losses due to the Shincho report, including the termination of a sponsorship contract.

Ito’s case was also sensationalized by the Weekly Bunshun report on Downtown’s Hitoshi Matsumoto’s “allegations of sexual assault. Some even said, “Ito is next. …… Like Bunshun, Shincho thought that even if the case went to trial, we would have the advantage when it came to truthfulness and reasonableness,” said a publishing source with knowledge of the situation.

However, the strategy taken by Attorney Kato was to target Ms. A and others who made the accusation, rather than Shincho. This is a last-ditch approach in light of the global “MeToo” movement, and it could be seen as a form of “pressure” on those who are going to report sexual assault.

However, Attorney Kato responded to the “second rape” argument raised by some by saying, “There is no such thing as rape in the first place.

He maintains that since there was no rape in the first place, it is not a second rape.

He is very confident of his position.

He must be very confident in his position. He narrowed his target to the accusers with the theory that “Shincho was also deceived by the testimony of Ms. A and others.

This was a major miscalculation on the part of the Shincho, which had anticipated a lawsuit, and both Ms. A and Mr. B were very upset about it.

(Sports newspaper reporter) Some sources say that there is a “draft” between the Shincho and Mr. A and Ms. B, who had previously had a close relationship with each other. It appears that the “sway” aimed at by lawyer Kato has been successful.

Meanwhile, the media reported on the tape of Ms. B’s voice after the incident and the “intervention” of a third party claiming to be Ms. A’s sponsor in the discussion between Ito’s side and the accused woman.

The March 6 issue of “FLASH” reported the following about this third party

I’m trying to be nice to you, but what kind of attitude is that?

I don’t care what happens to you.

The March 6 issue of FLASH reported that the third party “was kind to Ito’s manager, but what’s with that attitude?

In contrast, Shincho has only published a verification article since its initial report. According to a source.

According to an official, “It is not so much that the story has run out, but rather that the slander against Mr. A and the others is so severe that they think a new allegation would make it worse. The bashing has also extended to Shincho, with protest calls continuing unceasing and even the personal information of the reporters involved in the article being exposed. This was another miscalculation on Shincho’s part. They had no idea that there would be such a public outcry.

Ito said.

Ito, through his agent, reported in “Gendai Business,” distributed on April 4, that “the same kind of thing will happen again in the future.

Ito said, “I want to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. I want to take the initiative to prevent myself from being suddenly told something that is not true, being driven into a corner, and being charged money in the future. I want this to be the last time I do something like this myself.”

He said.

He would like to concentrate on soccer as soon as possible, but what will happen now?

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