3-Month-Old Infant Abused to Death at a Brothel…Underage Foster Parents’ “Disgusting Arguments | FRIDAY DIGITAL

3-Month-Old Infant Abused to Death at a Brothel…Underage Foster Parents’ “Disgusting Arguments

Nonfiction writer Kota Ishii probes the depths of Japanese society!

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Shibuya’s shopping district. Behind the glamorous world, there are many incidents (Image: Afro)

Within three months of the girl’s birth, four women tried to become her mother: one gave birth to her, one tried to adopt her, and two tried to raise her. Two tried to raise her.

However, on the night of Halloween in Shibuya, the three-month-old child was found dead with her eyes open in a building on Dogenzaka, commonly known as the “adult entertainment building. His mouth was open and his arms and legs were unnaturally straight.

Now that the words “toxic parents” and “parental mess” are in common use, the following thoughts are becoming widespread.

–If parents can’t raise their children, they can’t raise themselves. If parents can’t raise their children, then someone who can should take their place.

This indicates that foster parents or institutional staff will raise the child.

But it is not easy for parents who cannot raise their children to hand them over or to find parents who can. I would like to think about this through this case.

Running away from home right after graduating from high school

The girl’s biological mother was Kondo Honami (pseudonym, at the time of the incident). age 19 at the time of the incident. She was 19 years old at the time of the incident. She was a tall woman with tattoos and a so-called “gyaru” look.

She was born in Nagano Prefecture as the eldest daughter to a father who was a cram school teacher and a mother who was a former bank employee. Her parents were both strict about education, forcing her to study and learn. Her younger brother was an excellent student, but her older sister, Honami, was not good at either, and they often clashed. As a result, after entering high school, she did not stay at home and spent more and more nights out with her local delinquent friends.

She ran away from home right after graduating from high school. He applied for a job at a nursing care company, but he skipped the interview and disappeared without telling his parents. Her destination was the entertainment district of Tokyo. She went to the entertainment districts of Tokyo, where she immersed herself in the nightlife and got a series of tattoos to deny the body her parents had given her.

It was the following year that she found out she was pregnant. The hospital told her that since she was a minor, she needed her parents’ consent for an abortion, but since she was running away from home, she could not prepare the documents. The hospital told her that she was a minor and needed her parents’ consent to have an abortion, but she could not provide the paperwork because she was running away from home.

Honami has no choice but to give birth to the baby and put it up for special adoption. So, she found a special adoption support group called “Baby Poketto” on the Internet and contacted them, grasping at straws.

After arriving at the Baby Poketto office in Ibaraki Prefecture, we went to the clinic for another checkup and found out that not only had her uterus already begun to open, but she was also infected with syphilis. The baby was born. 2468 grams. The baby was a tiny baby girl weighing 2468 grams. She was named “Tano”.

She was then placed in a special adoption procedure at the hospital. Takuko Okada, the representative of Baby Poketto, asked her, “What’s wrong?

What’s wrong? Do you still want to raise the baby?”

Takuko Okada, the representative of Baby Poketto, asked, “What’s wrong?

As long as the person who gave birth to her said she wanted to raise her, there was no way she could refuse. Okada decided to accept her opinion with the promise that he would return to his parents’ home in Nagano and raise the baby with the support of his family.

Holding the baby in her arms, she went to the entertainment district in Shibuya.

A few days later, Honami returned from Ibaraki Prefecture to her parents’ home in Nagano Prefecture and began to raise her child while receiving treatment for syphilis. Honami’s grandfather recalls.

Her grandfather recalls, “He suddenly came home with a baby. When I asked him who my father was, he just cried and didn’t answer. I had no idea what was going on, but we had no choice but to raise the baby together. She (Honami) loved the baby very much. She (Honami) loved the baby and even showed me many pictures she had taken.

It must have been a difficult decision for her to ask her parents for forgiveness and return to her parents’ home. It must have been a difficult decision for her to ask her parents for forgiveness and return home.

However, the days when Honami devoted herself to raising the child did not last long. Only a month later, after a domestic dispute with her mother, she ran out of the house with Tadano in her arms and headed for the entertainment district of Shibuya, where the incident took place.

There is a famous “adult entertainment building” on Dogenzaka in Shibuya. 11 11 stories 68 The 11-story, 68-unit apartment building is filled with offices of non-store sex stores, such as deli-helle.

Room 601 Room 601 was a JK reflex store that was about to open. In the room lived Kanami Iida (pseudonym) and Ayana Horikita (pseudonym).

They were both 17 years old. They were both 17 years old and had run away from home to make ends meet through private prostitution. 18 years old. Since they could legally work once they turned 18, they became the opening staff of a JK reflex store and were allowed to live at the store. The store manager, Tsuyoshi Okita (pseudonym), who lived in the same building, took away the IC chips of their cell phones to prevent them from escaping.

Shortly after the JK Refresh store opened, the manager, Tsuyoshi, arrived with Honami and two-month-old Tadano. Tsuyoshi, also from Nagano, was apparently in a lover’s relationship with Honami. He said to Kanami and Ayana, “Your mother has to work.

The mother has to work, but there is nowhere to take care of the baby. Can you guys take care of her for three days?

When Honami arrived in Tokyo, she had no savings at all and had to work in the sex industry to earn money. She had to work at a brothel to earn money, but Tano was in the way. So she consulted with Tsuyoshi, who unilaterally decided to let Kanami and Ayana babysit her.

While reading the instructions for the diapers: ……

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, but it’s a good idea. However, they couldn’t just turn down the manager’s order, so they accepted it on the condition that it would only be for three days.

From that day on, Kanami and Ayana took care of Tadao while reading the instructions for formula and diapers.

However, this was no easy task for the girls who had never given birth before, as they had to change diapers and make milk several times a day, and could not even get a good night’s sleep due to crying.

The two of them managed to get through the three days and tried to hand Tadano over to Honami. However, when the deadline arrived, Honami showed no sign of coming to pick up the child, saying that she could not find a day care center, and Tsuyoshi asked her to continue taking care of the child. Tsuyoshi asked them to continue to take care of her. The two who were staying at the store could not refuse.

It was natural for Kanami and Ayana to be frustrated by this situation. Why should they be forced into this kind of trouble? As if to relieve their frustration, the girls started playing with dangerous drugs. They smoked them as joints or snorted them through their noses, so they could forget about all the bad things they were doing.

However, a month and a half later October However, a month and a half later, in early October, this life was suddenly shaken. Tsuyoshi was arrested by the police. The three of them, Kanami, Ayana, and Tadano, were left behind in the building.

Kanami and Ayana quickly found themselves in a difficult situation. LINE They often asked Honami to bring them money. However, Honami refused to see them, only putting a little money in the mailbox or putting diapers and milk powder on the doorknob.

The two have no choice but to work for themselves. 18 years old At the age of 18, Kanami worked at a brothel in the neighborhood. Ayana is 17. While the two were working, Tadano was locked in a room.

At a later trial, Kanami described her feelings at the time.

The two of us talked about how we didn’t want to take care of her anymore. Honami said, ‘You don’t have to take care of her anymore,’ and I said, ‘You have to take care of her. Even when I told her I was leaving, she never came back. He was a lazy person.

The two became frustrated and began to abuse Tadano. They became frustrated and began to abuse her, using dangerous drugs.

I’m going to kill her if I don’t.”

At first it was just punching and kicking as a distraction, but soon it escalated to cruel acts such as strangling her, sticking handkerchiefs and fingers in her mouth, and submerging her in a water bath. In addition, they took pictures of the squirming and crying Tadao with a Cheki (instant camera) that was in the store for fun.

October Oct. October 20 On October 20th, in the middle of such abuse, there was a time when Tadano stopped breathing. Ayana hurriedly administered artificial respiration, which brought her back to life, and the two of them took the opportunity to talk.

I’m going to kill him. Let’s not take care of him anymore.

October October October 30 On October 30, the electricity in the room was turned off for non-payment. On October 30, the electricity in the room was cut off for non-payment of the bill. Because of this, Kanami and Ayana left Tadano in the room and rarely returned.

November On November 1 and 2, the town of Shibuya was abuzz with Halloween revelry, and the two girls dressed up in maid and bunny girl costumes, respectively, and played around town. Ayana was at a club with prostitutes.

It was 6:46 a.m. when Kanami finished her work at the brothel and came home to her room in the building after a long time. 46 minutes. It was 6:46 am. When she opened the door, she found Ayana lying on the mattress and Tadano frozen at her feet with her eyes half open. Kanami thought that Ayana had killed her.

She woke Ayana up and said.

“Hey, the little guy is dead!”

Ayana replied with sleepy eyes, “Ah, yes, yes, okay, okay,” then mumbled, “Dead? When Kanami asked what she meant, Ayana slurred her words, saying, “No, it’s nothing.

“Hey, Ayana, did you kill the little guy?

I didn’t kill him.

Instead of digging deeper, Kanami decided to settle the situation. First of all, the two went to the convenience store to throw away the photo taken with the checkered camera in the trash to hide the evidence of abuse.

Then, they went to the convenience store and bought some cup noodles, ate them, smoked cigarettes, and so on. 10:00 p.m. Finally, at 10:00 p.m. 119 I called 119. An ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Later, the police came to the building to inspect the scene. They must have sensed the incident right away. They searched the surrounding area and seized photographic evidence supporting the abuse from a trash can at a convenience store. Based on this, the police not only sent the two to a juvenile detention center, but also re-arrested Ayana the following year on suspicion of murder. The following year, Ayana was arrested again on suspicion of murder, and due to the seriousness of the case, she was tried in a criminal trial.

Three years have passed since the incident. January 2017. January 2017. Ayana’s jury trial was held at the Tokyo District Court for about three weeks.

The prosecution believed that Ayana strangled Tadano after she came home after 2 a.m. The prosecution argued that she was murdered because there were marks on her neck that looked like she had been strangled with a string, Ayana had taken Minami to a love hotel with two local male friends the day after the incident and they had talked about how they had killed the baby, and there was no other cause of death. He was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Ayana and the defense, on the other hand, denied the prosecution’s claims entirely, arguing that the death was natural. Soon after 119 He said that the reason he did not call 119 immediately was because his cell phone was out of charge and he could not charge it in the room where the electricity was turned off.

On the day of the verdict, “I want to go buy Pocky!”

It is doubtful whether Ayana’s claim is true. At the same time, however, it could not be denied that the police’s corroboration was also insufficient. The verdict issued by the judge was as follows.

–Not guilty. Not guilty.

Yui was left in the building, and it was assumed that she died naturally.

Incidentally, Honami, who had abandoned Tadano, was not charged with any crime. She has since returned to Nagano and is now a DJ.

On the day of Ayana’s first trial, she tweeted a picture of her drinking with two male friends, and on the day of her sentencing, she wrote, “I want to go buy Pocky right now! But it’s cold. It was as if she had forgotten about the case.

As a reporter of this case, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, four women tried to become “mothers” in the three months after Tadano was born. There was Honami, the biological mother, the adoptive parents who wanted to adopt her, and Kanami and Ayana. Even with all of these people, they were unable to save Tadao’s life.

If I were to find a light in this darkness, it would be Takuko Okada of Baby Poketto, which provides support for special adoptions. She told me that the incident changed her way of thinking.

The incident taught me that there are mothers who cannot raise their children. It’s not that I don’t love them. It’s that they can’t raise them. That’s why, as the owner of an organization that supports special adoptions, I felt the importance of taking care of children from such mothers and handing them over to couples who can raise them. I don’t want to have a child like that again.”

Okada has kept a photo of Tadano as a lesson to be learned. This is the only place where I can find traces of Tadano’s life.

  • Interview and text Kota Ishii

    Born in Tokyo in 1977. Nonfiction writer. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art. He is active in reporting and writing about culture, history, and medicine in Japan and abroad. His books include "The House of the 'Demons': Parents Who Kill Their Own Children," "Forty-three Killing Intentions: The Depths of the Kawasaki Jr. 1 Boys' Murder Case," "Rental Child," "Kinship Murder," and "The Social Map of Disparity and Division.

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