South Korea’s Top Idol Confesses to Allegedly Abusing and Brainwashing Several Women | FRIDAY DIGITAL

South Korea’s Top Idol Confesses to Allegedly Abusing and Brainwashing Several Women

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Lucas is proud of his clear eyes as his charm point (PHOTO: Pasya/Afro)“‘I Locked Myself in the Room for 6 Months. My Hair Fell Out in Clumps, and I Couldn’t Eat Properly. I Wonder Why I Behaved Like That Before… At That Time, I Wasn’t in a Normal State.’”

This was the confession made by Lucas (25), who recently departed from the top Korean idol group NCT, on his personal video channel on February 24th. Lucas expressed deep regret to his former ‘NCT’ members, stating that he was truly sorry for his actions. He reflected on his past behavior, admitting that it was something he should not have done.

‘FRIDAY Digital’ extensively covered the troubles Lucas faced in an article published on May 15th of last year. This article resurfaced amidst the brainwashing suspicions surrounding the top Korean idol, with some parts being slightly modified.

60 push-ups in 46 seconds

“I am truly sorry to my fellow members. It’s very disappointing when I think about the long-lasting friendship we had.”

Lucas, formerly a member of NCT, posted a handwritten message on his Instagram on May 10th of last year. In the message, he announced his departure from both NCT and its sub-unit WayV, stating that he had been contemplating this decision for a long time. He mentioned his intention to pursue individual activities under his real name, Fan Shuixi.

“Lucas was born to a Hong Kong father and a Thai mother. He officially debuted as a member of ‘NCT’ in February 2018. He has also appeared in Indonesian commercials and is a well-known model in East Asia. Known for his strong physique, being able to do 60 push-ups in 46 seconds, he is a highly popular artist in Japan as well.” (Entertainment industry insider)

It’s intriguing why a globally popular talent like Lucas would choose to leave the group, even going as far as apologizing to his fellow members. It seems that the scandals surrounding Lucas that have surfaced one after another have had a significant impact.

Lucas and members of “NCT” (PHOTO: Pasya/Afro)

On August 23, 2021, a tweet was posted on Twitter (now X) that claimed to be a victim of gaslighting by Lucas’s former girlfriend, identified as Ms. A. Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation used to make others doubt their own perceptions or sanity.

Ms. A continued her tweet with the following:

“I used to be a fan of Lucas. Several years ago, our relationship developed after he showed interest in me and asked for my phone number. After a while, he suggested we break up due to scheduling conflicts. Here’s where the problem begins…

While claiming to just want to be friends, he would demand to stay together in hotels every time he had time off. He never paid for anything. I was even told to buy him cigarettes. If I didn’t buy them, he would verbally abuse me, saying ‘Why didn’t you get them?’ He would say, ‘I can’t go out because I’m a celebrity. If I use a credit card, my manager will find out.'”


The scandals surrounding Lucas didn’t stop with just one incident. The day after Ms. A made her accusations, another woman came forward claiming, “I had a similar experience,” and posted photos of her in bed with Lucas on the Chinese social media platform Weibo. She revealed that Lucas had spoken ill of fans and multiple women he was involved with.

“With these successive troubles, Lucas likely found himself unable to defend against the allegations. Immediately afterward, his agency announced, ‘All content, including music and music videos, will be suspended from public release.’ Lucas posted an apology on his Instagram and suspended his entertainment activities,” as reported by the same source.

After enduring two years of ongoing troubles, Lucas decided to voluntarily suspend his activities as a member of NCT. Even if he were to return as a solo artist, it seems he would still face significant public scrutiny.

NCT is popular not only in Korea but also in East Asian countries (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)
Members of NCT (PHOTO: Reuters/Afro)
  • PHOTO. Pasya/Afro Reuters/Afro

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