Disciple’s Brutal Assaults Prompt Talk of Closure for Hakuho’s Miyagino Stable – Humiliation Looms | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Disciple’s Brutal Assaults Prompt Talk of Closure for Hakuho’s Miyagino Stable – Humiliation Looms

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Following the revelation of the assault incident, former Yokozuna Hakuho and Hokuseiho apologize in front of the room.

Slaps to the face, back, and testicles.

Assault involving striking the buttocks with a stick resembling a log, igniting insecticide spray to create flames in the shape of a burner, and bringing the flames close to the bodies of individuals A and B.

A document titled “Regarding the Discipline for Violence by Association Members” distributed to the press contained details of the brutal assault.

On February 23rd, the Japan Sumo Association accepted the retirement notice of Maegashira Hokuseiho (22), who was involved in the assault incident. His stablemaster, former Yokozuna Hakuho of the Miyagino stable (38), was demoted two ranks within the association and received a 20% reduction in salary for three months as part of the punishment. On that day, Hakuho, along with Hokuseiho, apologized to the gathered press and fans in front of the stable entrance, saying, “I am full of apologies.”

“The victims of violence from Hokuseiho are two junior disciples, A and B. The first known incident occurred during the Nagoya tournament in July 2022. It is reported that Hokuseiho assaulted A multiple times, hitting his thigh with a broom and slapping B’s face, causing injuries to the elbow.

Furthermore, during the Kyushu tournament in November last year, Hokuseiho allegedly damaged A’s wallet by applying instant adhesive, and similarly applied instant adhesive to B’s fingers, inflicting violence. The acts of violence were habitual, occurring at a frequency of 2-3 times a week according to documents distributed to the press.” (Sports newspaper reporter)

Despite the declaration to renounce violence


In January of this year, trouble arose when a post on the official forum of the Sumo Association alleged that wrestlers from the Miyagino stable were being assaulted by Hokuseiho. Investigations were conducted into stablemaster Hakuho and other members of the stable. According to documents provided to the press, Hokuseiho found amusement in the reactions of A and B when they expressed pain. Despite receiving warnings from A’s parents to set an example for other wrestlers as a sekitori (wrestler with a rank), Hokuseiho did not show any signs of remorse, even arriving at the tournament venue in a luxury car, a Rolls-Royce.

“What’s puzzling is that Hakuho, as the stablemaster, failed to directly confirm or address Hokuseiho’s assaults despite being aware of them. Hakuho became the Miyagino stablemaster in July 2022, but it’s reported that he hadn’t reported the incidents to his predecessor or to the Sumo Association. When Hokuseiho, who was ranked East Maegashira 8th, withdrew from the January tournament this year, there was no mention of the incident; instead, it was cited that he had aggravated an old injury to his right knee.

The accusation to the Sumo Association came shortly after this. It’s understandable why there would be suspicion of false reporting or concealment. Perhaps Hakuho wanted to protect his disciple, but the Sumo Association declared a renunciation of violence back in October 2018. No act of violence can ever be condoned.” (Same source)

Why did Hakuho overlook his disciple’s power harassment, which would be a compliance violation?

“Hokuseiho is from Mongolia, and Hakuho has been fond of him since he was young, recognizing his talent. Hokuseiho, standing at 204cm tall and weighing 182kg, is blessed with a strong physique, considered a promising candidate for future Yokozuna. Although only 22 years old, he is the sole wrestler in the Miyagino stable’s top division, and Hakuho may have refrained from interfering not only out of deference to the stable members but also due to high hopes for Hokuseiho’s future.

However, Hakuho’s responsibility is significant for abandoning his supervisory role and exacerbating the trouble. For the upcoming March tournament, another stablemaster from the Isegahama group, to which Miyagino stable belongs, will serve as acting stablemaster, and from April onwards, the group will take charge of the stable. Hakuho’s absence from the stable, partly due to his lecture activities, has also been criticized. It’s highly realistic that Hakuho, who boasts a record 45 tournament victories, could face the humiliation of his stable being closed.” (Sumo Association official)

Hakuho, who has continued to overlook serious troubles with his disciple, is being questioned for his leadership qualities. The path to regaining a stable as a stablemaster seems quite challenging for him.

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