Princess Aiko’s Surprising Career Move: Opting for Employment at Japanese Red Cross over Graduate Studies or Overseas Study | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Princess Aiko’s Surprising Career Move: Opting for Employment at Japanese Red Cross over Graduate Studies or Overseas Study

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After graduating from Gakushuin University, Aiko Aiko has been offered a job with the Japanese Red Cross Society.

Aiko’s choice of employment came as a great surprise to me, but I feel that her future career path is finally becoming more realistic,” said a veteran journalist of the Imperial Household.

A veteran journalist of the Imperial Household said as much.

It was announced that His Imperial Highness Princess Aiko, the eldest daughter of the Emperor, will graduate from Gakushuin University and begin working for the Japanese Red Cross Society in April of this year.

Reporters belonging to the Imperial Household Agency Club were “surprised” to hear this news. Since Princess Aiko was likely to go on to graduate school or study abroad, some of the reporters asked why she was going to get a job. (A reporter for a national newspaper in charge of the Imperial Household).

A journalist in charge of the Imperial Household at a major national newspaper analyzed the situation, saying that there were two reasons for the decision.

One is the decrease in the number of members of the Imperial Family who can perform official duties. As you know, in recent years, Mako Komuro and Ayako Moriya of the Takamado family married and left the Imperial Family. It is highly likely that Princess Kako and Princess Seiko will marry in the future.

Furthermore, Princess Eugene is still a high school student. I understand that it was difficult for him to make the choice to prioritize his studies at a site where the number of members of the Imperial Family supporting his official duties is small.

The second reason has to do with the unique characteristics of the JRC.

The JRC has a close relationship with the Imperial Family, and since Empress Kajun took office, it has been customary for the Empress to serve as Honorary President of the JRC. In other words, Masako is currently the president.

If Aiko is enrolled in the JRC, she can provide support for important events such as the Japanese Red Cross Convention held around May each year. It is said that Princess Aiko is always mentally supporting Princess Masako, so I think she is the best choice for employment.

It is said that after this spring, she will be working two to three days a week for a while, both on official business and as a contracted employee of the Japan Red Cross Society. So, what exactly does this mean by “his future plans”?

She is considering getting married. Of course, I believe that his purpose is to support the current situation of the Imperial Family and Her Imperial Highness Princess Masako, but I think that he is thinking of “fulfilling his duties as a member of the Imperial Family before leaving the Imperial Family.

If she is to perform her official duties as the Crown Princess after completing graduate school or studying abroad, her marriage will have to be postponed for that long.

Last year, Princess Kako was also busy with her official duties, including visits to regions and official overseas visits. Some said.

“She may be on a pre-marriage rush of official duties.

“In fact, there are some people around Princess Aiko who are concerned that she may be in a rush of official duties before her marriage.

In fact, there are endless rumors of men around Princess Aiko. Last year, for example, a women’s magazine reported a secret meeting with the son of a member of the former imperial family and the grandson of the head of a prestigious flower arrangement family as potential mates.

As they say, where there is no fire, there is no smoke. It is natural to assume that there are many other potential mates besides these sons,” said a women’s magazine reporter.

It was previously reported that a photo of a “necklace present” was posted on Princess Aiko’s SNS account, hinting at the existence of a boyfriend. It is not surprising that she is dating a man.

I have heard that Their Majesties hope that Princess Aiko will get married in the near future and lead a life similar to that of ordinary women.

Given the public’s growing desire for an Emperor Aiko, it is likely that Aiko’s true desire is to get married as soon as possible.

It seems that she is “prepared” to do her utmost to fulfill her responsibilities as a member of the royal family until then, regardless of whether or not she eventually marries.

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