A crowd of 1,300 people rushed to the event! The first “festival” held in Korea, where the sex industry is growing rapidly! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A crowd of 1,300 people rushed to the event! The first “festival” held in Korea, where the sex industry is growing rapidly!

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An event that made one realize the prosperity of the Korean sex industry was held in Seoul late last year.

The “K-XF,” a sex festival featuring sexy actors from Japan and Korea, attracted an astonishing 1,300 spectators (according to the organizer). The event was a success.

K-XF” was a great success.

South Korea has long been considered a backward country in the sex industry, but since the relaxation of regulations on domestically produced pornography in 2006, the country has been slowly growing.

We report again on the excitement of this “erotic festival.

Some of the biggest names in the Korean sex industry took the stage.

Sunday, December 10, 2011, 8:00 am. Sexy actors from Japan and Korea and big names in the sex industry gathered for a rehearsal. The host of the event was Jang Hobak, the “King of Korean one-man sex”. Lee Hi-Tae, representative of the well-known Korean adult company “Play Joker,” was also on hand to make sure the proceedings were ready for the show.

It was the middle of winter and the venue was not heated before the event started, but Lee Hi-Tae’s forehead was glistening with beads of sweat. The audience was no less enthusiastic, with a long line of people filling the corridor before the 11:00 entrance.

About 1,300 people packed the event.

Admission was granted to those who entered after receiving a bracelet for re-entry, the Korean adult magazine “Crazy Giant” as a novelty, and a box of condoms provided by the festival’s sponsoring company. Upon entering the venue, guests were greeted by a giant screen and troops. The booths of the festival’s sponsoring company were lined up on the right side of the venue.

Beginning with “Crazy Giant,” a wide variety of sex industry professionals, including a Korean porn production company, an adult goods sales company, and a sexy actor production company, greeted the visitors. The booth where Korean sexy actresses greeted visitors was especially popular, and they sold goods in cooperation with adult goods companies.

Korean influencer Ein, who became famous this year as the “Box Girl” (an event in Seoul where a woman hiding in a cardboard box had her breasts touched inside the box), also made the rounds at the event.

Japanese sexy actors took the stage on the main stage, and the event went on without a break from 12:00 to 18:30. After the greetings were over, the Japanese sexy actors, like the Korean sexy actresses, went down to the audience and interacted directly with the fans. They were very much in touch, not only taking pictures but also signing autographs.

Commemorative photo from the stage!

At the end of the event, representative Lee Hi-Tae said, “This K-XF is just a test for the official event next year (2024 ). He said that the goal is to hold three festivals this year, with plans to hold a fashion-themed event in April with the goal of attracting more spectators.

Having caught a glimpse of the potential for adult events in Korea at K-XF, adult-related companies are preparing to host another festival.

Japanese sexy actresses are also aware that the Korean market offers a new venue for promotion, and they hope to hold more events to communicate with their Korean fans. With the disappearance of major sex industry events in Japan, the reality is that they have to look forward to events in neighboring countries such as Taiwan and South Korea. The day when the sex industry will flourish throughout Asia is not far away.

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