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Yuina Kuroshima Announces De Facto Marriage and First Pregnancy with Hio Miyazawa

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On the 16th, Miyazawa announced on his fan club website and Kuroshima through SNS

I am happy to announce that I am expecting a child with my former boyfriend, Hio Miyazawa.

On January 16, actress Yuna Kuroshima (26) announced on her SNS that she is pregnant with her first child and that she and her boyfriend, actor Hio Miyazawa (29), are in a “de facto marriage. Miyazawa also reported on the same day via his fan club website.

Kuroshima said that he started living with Miyazawa last spring and felt that Miyazawa’s consideration for others, his approach to work, and his receptiveness to accept him as he is made him the perfect partner for him. She said, “I began to imagine a life with a child between us, and thankfully, we were able to have a child.

However, neither of them is particular about getting married, and they have no plans to do so at this time . We will continue to support each other as lifelong partners and family members.

The first report of their love affair in “Josei Jishin” (Women’s Journal of Japan) came in February 2011. In March of the same year, the same magazine also reported that the two came out of the home of Anne (37), an actress and mutual acquaintance of the two, and returned to Kuroshima’s apartment on good terms. The next morning, the two walked Kuroshima’s two pet dogs together, and the dogs seemed to have grown attached to Miyazawa. They may have already been living together by this time.

When this magazine reported Kuroshima’s love affair with Kengo Kora (36) in 2008, Kuroshima was walking his dogs with Kora in the same way. However, despite their daily visits to each other’s homes, they did not live together.

Kuroshima and Miyazawa first met a year before their relationship was revealed, when they co-starred in the NHK morning drama “Chimu Doton” that started in April 2010. Miyazawa played the role of the heroine’s childhood friend, lover, and husband.

Miyazawa played the role of the heroine’s childhood friend, lover, and husband, played by Kuroshima. In particular, the heroine played by Ms. Kuroshima was criticized for being “too free,” and when her love for the childhood friend played by Mr. Miyazawa was fulfilled, sympathy was shown to Marie Iide (26), who played Mr. Miyazawa’s fiancée.

Perhaps such “headwinds” also contributed to the strong unity on the set. It is said that Ms. Kuroshima, who is shy, especially called Ms. Hio Miyazawa “Yuna-chan” and “Hio Miyazawa-kun” and was often seen talking with her.

In the spring of 2010, Kuroshima is said to have broken up with Takara, with whom he had been in a relationship for about three years. Miyazawa, whom Kuroshima became close to at that time, must have been a source of emotional support for Kuroshima. In November of the same year, after the drama had ended, the two were seen together at a birthday party for a child at Anzu’s house, who had temporarily returned to Japan.

Anne and Kuroshima had been close friends since they co-starred in the movie “Okebanerai! in 2004, and they have been close friends ever since. She and Miyazawa got to know each other through their role as lovers in the 1919 TV drama “Disguised Adultery” (Nippon Television Network Corporation).

There were whispers of a passionate love affair when Mr. Miyazawa said on a talk show that he had fallen in love with Anne, with whom he had played the role of a lover, and when he went out of his way to visit her in Paris, where she had moved. Mr. Miyazawa was very concerned about this, but when his love affair with Ms. Kuroshima was revealed, he was convinced.

(Entertainment reporter) Perhaps Anzu may have helped bring the two together. Kuroshima and Miyazawa have decided to announce their “de facto marriage” and the birth of their child. We look forward to watching their happiness in the future.

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On the morning that Kora stayed at Kuroshima’s house, the two were friendly and walked Kuroshima’s dog (July 3, ’20 issue).
Kora went home once, but later joined them again. They went out to a convenience store (July 3, ’20 issue).
It was said that it was the policy of Kuroshima’s office that they did not live together even though they went back and forth so much (July 3, ’20 issue).
At the Japan premiere of “Legend & Butterfly” in January ’23. He played Mitsuhide Akechi in the film.
At an event for “Beer Ball” in July ’23. She surprised the press by cutting her hair to a very short length.
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