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Exposing the Disturbing Actions of the Underground Idol President

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President Kurita of “NA Promotion” was arrested. The office has many menunderground.

The man’s behavior seemed to get more and more heated.

He held a fan girl in his arms and touched her breasts over her clothes. He then covered her up and forced her to pose indecently for a photo. Many fans were around.

On January 16, the Juvenile Development Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest of Ryunosuke Kurita, 32, president of NA Promotion, the company to which he belongs, and two other suspects for forcing a men’s underground idol (hereinafter referred to as “men-underground”) to touch the body of a then 17-year-old girl, A, at a live concert venue. Both are suspected of violating the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for the Prevention of Disturbances (indecent language and behavior), and both deny the charges, saying they were not instructed to do anything indecent.

The incident occurred last January. At the time, a “cheki-kai” was being held at a live house in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. This is a photo event by fans that starts after the end of a live performance by the men’s underground. One of the men-underground members in his 20s allegedly touched Ms. A’s breasts, forced her to pose indecently, and took pictures of her with a Cheki instant camera. The police also raided the office of NA Promotion, to which the men-underground belonged, and the home of the suspect, Kurita.

Underage girls spent 2.5 million yen: ……

The Men Underground has long been viewed as a hotbed of incidents involving girls. In this system, the more goods and other items purchased at the “Cheki-kai” (checkers’ meeting), the more you can upgrade your pseudo-romance with your “favorite” member of the underground. In the “NA Promotion” program, points were awarded for services such as “a one-hour date including a purikura photo shoot” or “an eight-hour one-day trip to Osaka” as “perks.

To accumulate a large number of points, it costs a huge amount of money, several million yen. It is not an amount of money that an underage girl can afford. There are many girls who earn money by selling their bodies for “papa katsu. The victim in this case, Ms. A, is said to have spent about 2.5 million yen on out-of-store dates between September 2010 and January 2011.

On the other hand, there are many idols who take advantage of the psychology of the girls who promote themselves among the men underground. They encourage underage girls to drink alcohol and force them to order champagne and other beverages priced at several hundred thousand yen. They lure them to hotels or VIP rooms and sexually assault them when they are reluctant to say, “No, don’t! and then sexually assault the girls when they don’t want to be sexually assaulted. One of the arrested men in the basement stated that he wanted to increase sales by captivating the girls.

Male idols and their office presidents take advantage of the girls’ weakness. …… The Metropolitan Police Department has been sounding the alarm, asking, “Are you sure about this ‘guessing game’? The Metropolitan Police Department is distributing fliers to schools in Tokyo to alert students to the men underground.

He denies the charges.
A member of the underground club indecently assaulted a girl (photo has been doctored).
He denies the charge.
Held a “cheki-kai” (photo has been partially doctored) at live concerts in Tokyo and other venues.
Office executives arrested with Kurita
Office executives arrested with Kurita (photo has been partially processed)
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