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Pacquiao’s Rematch with Mayweather: Fans Excited by the Announcement

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Pacquiao enjoying a steak with his family. Looking at us in the background is his wife, Jinkee Jamora.

Manny Pacquiao smiles for the camera against the illuminated backdrop of Yebisu Garden Place in Shibuya, Tokyo, on December 30, 2011.

He was enjoying dinner at an upscale steak restaurant with his wife, children, and three bodyguards in tow. After finishing his meal and exiting the restaurant, he walks out holding hands with his youngest son. When approached by fans who were waiting for him, he readily signed autographs and took pictures.

He is a former six-weight boxing champion and an undisputed boxing hero. He announced his retirement to run for the Philippine presidency in 2009, but lost the election. Since then, he has competed in exhibition matches, and there were rumors of a rematch with former five-weight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. who fought in ’15 ” (sports newspaper reporter).

The day after the photo, Pacquiao made a surprise appearance at ” RIZIN.45 ” held at “Saitama Super Arena” on New Year’s Eve. Nobuyuki Sakakibara , CEO ofRIZIN,” who entered the ring with him, said,

In 2024, I’m actually planning to put together an extraordinary card. The rematch of the century, Floyd Mayweather.

The audience was excited. In response, Pacquiao said, “I am ready,

I’m ready.

Pacquiao responded, “I’m ready,

I will do my best to give you all a big fight with Floyd Mayweather, so please give me your support.

Please give me your support,” he said with a smile. The audience cheered for him.

However, this is just a verbal agreement between Sakakibara and Pacquiao, so the date, time, and place have not been decided. Whether it will happen or not is completely uncertain. Sakakibara says he has Mayweather’s consent at this stage, but in the end it will depend on the remuneration.

In the ’15 Mayweather’s fight money is estimated to have been about 20 billion yen and Pacquiao’s about 15 billion yen. Will the fight between the two really happen? In their 15-year matchup, Mayweather won by decision. …… We hope that the fight will be realized and Pacquiao will have a smile like the one in the photo after the fight. I hope they will make the fight happen and Pacquiao will smile like the one in the photo after the fight.

We are looking forward to receiving your information and tip-offs. Please send your information to the following information form or to the official X.

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Pacquiao poses for a fan’s photo. Looking at him in the back is his wife, Jinkee Jamora.

Pacquiao readily responds to a fan’s request for an autograph.

Pacquiao readily responds to fans’ requests for autographs.
Mayweather instructs his staff to put the Birkin he purchased for 35 million yen in his car in September ’22.
Pacquiao, wearing a Gucci outfit, goes to a Hermes specialty store in September 2010.

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