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Goto Kumiko Returns to Acting After 30-Year Absence

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Mama is an Idol! (TBS), Goto Kumiko and Miho Nakayama, who are the W stars of the series (March 27, ’87).

“Faces” (TV Asahi), a drama in which Goto Kumiko ( 49 ) returned to acting after a 30-year absence, was broadcast in the New Year and attracted a great deal of attention. Prior to this, she appeared in a series of TV programs at the end of the year, including “Jun Walk,” “Tetsuko’s Interview,” and “Zawatsuku: New Year’s Eve”. She enlivened the programs with talk that showed no signs of a blank, foreshadowing her full return to the entertainment world.


“In 1987, when Goto Kumiko was 12 years old, she played the role of Princess Ai, the daughter of Date Masamune, in the NHK historical drama “Dokuganryu Masamune,” which triggered the “Kumiko Syndrome”. She was called the “National Bishojo” and was a pioneer of the “Bishojo Boom” that saw the popularity of Riho Makise (52), Arisa Mizuki (47), and Rie Miyazawa (50).”

“In 1995, she was reported to be in love with F1 racer Jean Alesi, and the following year she suddenly moved to France. At the time, Allegri was in the middle of a divorce settlement, but still had a wife and child. Her decision to leave Japan unmarried and effectively retire from show business surprised and worried everyone in Japan. She is still in a de facto marriage with Allegi, but they have two sons and a daughter and seem to have a happy family.”


“FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Goto since her debut. The magazine noted Goto from the time of her debut: at a press conference for a drama in which she and Miho Nakayama (53), the “original tsuppari” idol, played father and son with a five-year age difference; at a scene on location in Ginza with Toru Nakamura (58); at an ice cream cone just after her debut; and at the same time, at a photo shoot with her husband. We would like to show you the fresh appearance of Goto in her “national beauty” days through these treasured photos.

The eyes are glued to the “original supper boy” idol and the “national beauty queen”

Miho Nakayama, who was called the “original tsuppari idol” for her role as a tsuppari junior high school girl in “Every time I beg your pardon” ( TBS ) the previous year, and Goto, whose popularity soared with her appearance in “Dokuganryu Masamune” earlier that year, are now co-stars. ‘ A press conference was held in March 1987 to unveil the two.

“In “Mama is an Idol!” ( TBS ), Nakayama played a popular 17-year-old idol who came as a second wife to a single father with three children. Goto plays the 12-year-old daughter of the family, and the fact that the two play a mother and daughter with an age difference of five years makes them a hot topic. In addition, a large number of reporters gathered at the press conference where the two top idols sat side by side.” (sports newspaper reporter).

Nakayama commented on his impression of Goto,

“I have always thought she is a very pretty girl. I envy her because she has a more elegant face than mine.”

Nakayama was also very complimentary of Goto, who is five years younger than her. The drama recorded an average rating of 22.8%. A special version of the drama was also produced.

A senior executive at a long-established entertainment agency explained Goto’s return to drama production after a 30-year absence as follows.

“The main reason, however, is that Goto is returning the favor to Oscar Productions.”

“Even though she left the entertainment industry as if to escape from Japan, Oscar had always treated Goto as a talent belonging to the company. She is keen to repay that favor in any way she can. I am sure she will be appearing in more variety shows as well as dramas in the future.”

We look forward to seeing more of Goto in the future.

Twelve-year-old Goto Kumiko with an ice cream cone in her mouth (Dec. 26, ’86 issue)
Mom is an idol! Celebrating her 13th birthday at the recording site. Standing behind her is co-star Masatoshi Nagase, 57 (April 17, 1987 issue).
A shot from a location in Ginza for “Love Story for You,” the first movie in which she starred. Standing in the back is co-star Toru Nakamura (58). After this, people noticed the location and a big commotion broke out (October 2, 1987 issue).
At her 18th birthday party to celebrate her graduation from high school (April 17, ’92 issue).
Goto Kumiko: The Dignity of a “Legendary Beautiful Girl” Captivated by Her First Drama Appearance in 30 Years ( Oct. 13 and 20, 2023 issue)
Kumiko Goto is filming a drama based on Seicho Matsumoto’s novel. She and her co-star, Takei Emi, who is also her junior at the office, had a lively discussion about child-rearing (October 13 and 20, 2023 issues).
Goto Kumiko today with her beautiful smile (October 13 and 20, 2023 issues).


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