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Kengo Kora’s New Love Affair with Kanako Tahara Emerges After Breakup with a Popular Actress

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Kora  walking his dog on Kuroshima(July 3, 2020).

On January 6, it was reported that actor Kengo Kora (36) and Kanako Tahara (29), the eldest daughter of Toshihiko Tahara and a TV personality, were dating. The relationship started around the fall of the year before last, and the two were reportedly seen dining together amicably at a restaurant.

Takara is known for playing a wide range of roles, from fresh and likable characters to stalkers. In recent years, he has been particularly active in movies, with five films released last year, including “G-Men” and “Ai ni Inazuma,” and a movie starring him, “Sin and Evil,” scheduled for release in February.

Tahara, on the other hand, was scouted in Harajuku when she was a teenager and debuted as a gravure idol under the stage name Ayano Mika. She has since worked extensively as a singer and actress, and in 2015 she changed her stage name back to her real name, Kanako Tahara.

The two met several years ago through an acquaintance and have been friends for a long time, consulting each other on everything. They started dating around the fall of 2022 because Kora liked Tahara’s cheerful personality and Tahara liked Kora’s earnestness, but the reason for their relationship was because each of them had a breakup with a partner they were dating. In the spring of that year, Takara broke up with an actress with whom he had been dating for three years. This actress, Yuna Kuroshima (26), was revealed by this magazine in the July 3, 2020 issue to be his previous romantic partner.

At the time, Takara and Kuroshima lived only a few hundred meters apart and frequently visited each other’s homes; the two played the roles of Takasugi Shinsaku and his wife, Masashi, in the year 2015 NHK historical drama “Hana Moyu,” and it appears that they developed a close friendship through their collaboration.

In the morning, the two would come out of Kuroshima’s apartment, with Kora holding Kuroshima’s beloved dog’s leash, and this magazine has witnessed them amicably taking a walk together on several occasions. Later, Kora would return to his own home for a while, but two hours later, he would change and visit Kuroshima’s apartment again.

“They had such a close relationship that you could say they were practically living together, but they didn’t go so far as to actually share a residence. This was reportedly due to Kuroshima’s agency prioritizing her image as a pure actress and having a policy against cohabitation, even though they were free to pursue romantic relationships. So, the two discussed the matter and decided to live close to each other, frequently going back and forth. It really reflects their earnest personalities, doesn’t it?” says an entertainment reporter.

However, as mentioned above, it seems that Takara and Kuroshima broke up around the spring of 2022. Speaking of 2022, Kuroshima was starring in NHK’s morning drama “Chimudondon,” which aired from April. It is said that this was because Kuroshima became very busy with the filming of the drama, and their paths began to cross.

Later, in February of 2023, Josei Jishin reported on Kuroshima’s passionate love affair with Hio Miyazawa (29), who played her husband in Chimudondon. The next morning, after spending the night together at Kuroshima’s apartment, the two went for a walk with their dog. It was Miyazawa who was holding the dog’s leash. According to the article at the time, Kuroshima and Miyazawa had been spotted together since the fall of the previous year.

Coincidentally, Kora and Tahara started dating at the same time, and the two have not hidden their relationship from the world, but have been open and natural in their relationship, which seems to be warmly watched by those around them.

Wishing Kora and Kuroshima the best of luck as they embark on their respective paths.

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Once Kora returns to his room, he goes back to Kuroshima’s apartment. After meeting up, they go out.
At a convenience store, Kuroshima was making copies of his driver’s license, bankbook, etc., as if he was using them for some application (July 3, ’20 issue).
The copy in Kuroshima’s hand is blown away by the wind. Kora quickly chases after it.
He manages to catch the copy with the sole of his shoe. Kuroshima was laughing hard at Takara’s struggle.
The two walking the dog on the morning of Kora’s stay at Kuroshima’s house (July 3, ’20 issue).
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