This year, I’m going to try my hand at being an entertainment journalist. ⁉︎ “Kanjani Eight” Ryuhei Maruyama… “After” his “sleepover date” with a girlfriend 19 years younger than him. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

This year, I’m going to try my hand at being an entertainment journalist. ⁉︎ “Kanjani Eight” Ryuhei Maruyama… “After” his “sleepover date” with a girlfriend 19 years younger than him.

A compilation of 23 years of love scoops: "Kanjani Eight's" healing character and his "19-years-younger" girlfriend.

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Known for his simple healing character The first love scoop on Ryuhei Maruyama ( 40 ) of “Kanjani Eight” seems to have shocked his fans. It was reported in early August 2011 that he had a “sleepover date” with a woman who visited Maruyama’s home every weekend. The other woman was an office worker, 19 years younger than Maruyama, who looked like “Kanna Hashimoto . The following is a detailed recount based on the article distributed on September 11, 2011(ages and titles in the article are current at the time of publication).

Maruyama on his way to a live broadcast appearance on “Music Station” in early August ’23. The bucket hat and long T-shirt are live goods of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (30) and Kana Nishino (34), respectively.

My wife is a handsome fan.”

Ryuhei Maruyama (39) of “Kanjani Eight” said so on a variety show in 2005. Since then, his fans have referred to themselves as his “wife. Maruyama, who is a great writer, updates his blog almost every day and whispers loving words to his girlfriends. But apart from his “wife,” Maruyama also has a woman whom he loves very much.

On a Friday in early August 2011, at 3:30 in the afternoon under the piercing sun, Maruyama emerged from an elegant apartment in Tokyo wearing sunglasses and walking at a brisk pace.

Maruyama is more of a comedian, with a unique sense of words and a strong funny face. On the music side, he plays bass guitar.’ He has been supporting the group as the main vocalist since the departure of Subaru Shibuya (41) in 2006 and Ryo Nishikido (38) in 2007.
On that day, there was a three-and-a-half-hour special of “Music Station” (TV Asahi), and “Kanjani Eight” was also performing,” said a source from the record company.

Maruyama hurries toward the pickup truck. But at that moment, he turned his head to smile behind him and got into the car briskly.

FRIDAY witnessed the encounter.

About five minutes before the car arrived, Maruyama appeared at the entrance. At his side was a petite woman in a mint green one-piece dress.

She is 19 years younger than Maruyama and will turn 21 this year. She used to work part-time at a restaurant in Tokyo, but now works at a dental clinic in Chiba Prefecture.

Maruyama is loved by fans for his simple, soothing character, but it was in Roppongi (Minato Ward), a social gathering place for adults, that the two first met.

Maruyama is a regular customer at a members-only bar that caters to many celebrities, and he met Ms. A about four months ago. I heard that she was taken by someone to the bar and that she and Maruyama quickly developed a relationship. Maruyama is in a serious relationship with her, and we hear that she has introduced him to people such as Ryusei Yokohama (26), with whom Maruyama is close,” said a source at an entertainment agency.

Several times a month, after finishing work, Ms. A visits Maruyama’s home from her office in Chiba, a trip of about one and a half hours.

Maruyama-san appears every Saturday morning before 8:00 am on a live broadcast of “Saturday Plus” (TBS) in Osaka. Therefore, he has to leave Tokyo on Fridays. Ordinary working couples usually meet on weekends or Friday nights, but they tend to meet on Thursday nights when it is more convenient for them,” said a TV station official.

After Maruyama’s car left, Ms. A quietly got into the pick-up cab.

Kanjani Eight is a popular group with a fan club said to have over 780,000 members. It was thought that Maruyama’s relationship with her was just a date at home, too. ……

In fact, in July 2011, A and Maruyama had a “Tanabata date” at Disney. You might think it was impossible for them to be in such a crowded place, but it is surprisingly difficult to notice the presence of celebrities because they do not look out of place wearing sunglasses, hats, or character catsuits. In fact, Maruyama and Mr. A also spent time in the park wearing various items such as character hats and sunglasses. As expected, they did not hold hands, but I heard that they were cuddled up together the whole time, enjoying their rare daytime outing.

Maruyama is known for his love for his fans. He is known for his devotion to fan service, actively waving and winking at the audience at live concerts and answering questions about his “wife” on his blog. As for his own marriage, he has stated that he will not get married if that is what his fans want.

Since his debut, he has maintained a scandal-free record for almost 20 years. At the end of 2010, Maruyama appeared in “Suddenly, Can I Tell Your Luck? (Fuji Television Network). Maruyama said, ‘As long as I’m doing this job, I’ve given up on marriage,’ and many of his fans would rather see him get married. It is still a fun time in their new relationship, and neither Maruyama nor Mr. A seem to be thinking about the future. ……

Many fans have voiced their “surprise” that Maruyama will “try his hand at being an entertainment journalist” in 2012. ⁉︎

Maruyama has been scandal-free for 20 years since his debut. At first, there was a string of comments questioning the age difference between the two and their professionalism. In fact, on SNS,

I don’t think age has anything to do with love, but to be honest, I thought it was weird.

I thought they were too carefree at a time when the office is going through a hard time.

I thought it was too carefree at a time when the office was going through a hard time. But as time went by,

But as time went by, people began to say, “Well, it’s a free love, so what can we do?

It’s legal, and they have money.

It’s not like we can’t expect that.

On December 18, 2011, it was learned that Maruyama will star in the stage production of “Hazakaiki” (opening March 31, 2012, Theatre Milanza, Tokyo, etc.). He will play the role of an entertainment journalist. Maruyama said,

Maruyama said, “The role I will play this time is that of an entertainment journalist. I have no idea how the unstable creature known as a human being will come to life in this role, nor do I know how I will construct myself into it. But I already have a feeling that it will be a very interesting and worthwhile story.

He added, “I’m already feeling that it will be a very interesting and worthwhile story. If necessary, “FRIDAY” will also cooperate with the project. …… We look forward to Maruyama’s performance.

Maruyama, who had a sleepover date, walked out of the apartment while talking to her as she saw him off at the entrance. On that day, Maruyama wrote on his blog, “I had a very deep sleep (last night).
After confirming that the car carrying Maruyama had left, Ms. A took a cab. The cab ride from Maruyama’s home to hers took about one hour and cost more than 15,000 yen.
In late August, Maruyama went to a studio in Tokyo after spending the previous evening with Ms. A. He is a worrier and does not like to be restrained, so meeting with her a few times a month may be just right for him.
A cut never before published in this magazine.
A cut that has never been published in this magazine.

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