Prince Akishino’s press conference reveals serious ‘distance’ between him and son-in-law Kei Komuro | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Prince Akishino’s press conference reveals serious ‘distance’ between him and son-in-law Kei Komuro

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Prince Akishino did not mention her by name at the press conference, but called her “my daughter’s husband,” Kei Komuro.

On November 30th, Prince Akishino celebrated his 56th birthday. On the same day, the contents of a press conference held beforehand were made public, revealing his “true feelings” for his eldest daughter, Mako.

The press conference was only open to members of the Imperial Household Agency Press Club, and the content of the questions was communicated to Prince Akishino in advance. The number of photographers was limited due to the impact of Covid-19, but this year, with Mako’s marriage, I think the public was very interested.

That’s what one of the reporters in charge of the imperial family told me. At the press conference, Prince Akishino seemed calm and collected, but there was a hint of annoyance at their marriage in his words.

Mako has decided not to attend the Noh-ai Ceremony and other traditional events of the Imperial Family. This was “my decision,” said Prince Akishino.

I gave the impression that the events and ceremonies of the Imperial Family are very light. (I am sorry to those who were inconvenienced.

I am sorry to those who were inconvenienced.

I was surprised to learn that the ceremony was at the sole discretion of Prince Akishino. He must have decided that he did not have the ‘understanding of the people,’ as he put it.

After joining the family on October 26, the Komuros held a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo. Initially, the two were scheduled to answer questions from the press, but the day before, they cancelled the question and answer session. Regarding this, Prince Akishino said

“I myself would have liked to have had a two-way press conference, rather than a one-way one.

He said. On the other hand, considering the fact that Mako has complex PTSD.

On the other hand, given that Mako has complex PTSD, it would have been difficult for her to have a press conference because she could have had a seizure during it.

He added.

In contrast, Mr. Komuro had harsh words to say. In contrast, Mr. Komuro was harshly criticized.

In contrast, Mr. Komuro was harshly criticized, saying, “I think it would have been better if he had the opportunity to talk about it himself and answer questions.

I think it would have been better if I had the opportunity to talk about it and answer questions. At the time, some sports newspapers reported on the possibility of a “second press conference” by Ms. Komuro alone. As it turned out, there was no such press conference, and it was treated as a false report, but Prince Akishino was in favor of a “solo press conference.

At the press conference, Prince Akishino responded to the various bashing reports.

I think it’s necessary to set certain standards, and when those standards are exceeded, to refute them.

But at the same time

“There are some opinions in the article that we should listen to very carefully.
Some of them are creative, but others are accurate.

Some of them are original and some of them are accurate,” he said.

In fact, the information about Ms. Komuro’s ‘second press conference’ came from around Prince Akishino. It was a silent message to Mr. Komuro. But as it turned out, Mr. Komuro rejected the message.” (Wide show insider)

Prince Akishino’s attitude toward Ms. Komuro was cold. The reporter asked her about the conversation she had with Mr. Komuro when she returned to Japan, but she quickly replied, “I’d like to refrain from talking about it here. He was also asked about his impression of Mr. Komuro.

I met with him for about 20 minutes, so there wasn’t anything in particular that left an impression on me.

I didn’t have any particular impression of her,” he said simply. Despite the fact that her daughter had married, there was no mention of “Komuro” in the press conference. Even when referring to the documents released by Ms. Komuro in April, she said

“My daughter’s husband” released a rather long document, didn’t he? I wonder how many people will be able to read and understand it. If you read it carefully, you can understand it, but if you just read it quickly, it’s hard to understand.

I don’t think so.

The reason why he didn’t mention the word “Komuro” at the press conference may have been to emphasize his position that he has “nothing to do” with the Imperial Family. Judging from the way he spoke at the press conference, Mr. Komuro must be ‘insignificant. The distance between the two was truly ‘hopeless.

It seems that Prince Akishino’s distrust of Ms. Komuro has yet to be shaken.

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