Marriage announcement on the “most auspicious day”… “BizReach! Ayako Yoshitani of “Bizreach! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Marriage announcement on the “most auspicious day”… “BizReach! Ayako Yoshitani of “Bizreach!

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In June 2008, we interviewed Ms. Yoshitani upon her return from work to the business hotel where she was staying.

To all of you who have always supported me, and to all of you who have supported me, I, Ayako Yoshitani, am getting married to Mr. Ryutaro Akimoto.

On January 1, actress Ayako Yoshitani (32) announced her marriage on Instagram. Yoshitani commented, “Although I am still inexperienced, I will face everything with sincerity and devote myself to it without forgetting to be thankful every day. Akimoto, her partner, also reported on their marriage on her Instagram.

Yoshitani, whose career spans nearly 30 years from child actor, got her big break as a beautiful woman in a commercial for “Bizreach,” which went on the air in 2004. Since then, she has appeared in a succession of high-profile productions, including “Rikuoh” (TBS) and “Grand Maison Tokyo” (Fuji TV), and in the late 2010 morning drama “Soar! (Fuji Television Network), and in the 2010 morning drama “Soaring!

This magazine has reported on Yoshitani’s love life in the past. Yoshitani was in a relationship with Takeuchi Ryoma (30) after they co-starred in “Rikuoh” in 2005.

In November ’18, this magazine witnessed Yoshitani frequently going in and out of Takeuchi’s high-rise apartment in Tokyo. At the time, Yoshitani also had her own apartment, but they were “semi-living together,” spending most of their time at Takeuchi’s apartment.

A year and a half later, however, things took a turn for the worse. In May 2008, actress Ayaka Miyoshi (27) entered the apartment with Takeuchi in his car.

According to an interview with this magazine, Takeuchi unilaterally broke up with her in April of the same year and evicted Yoshitani from the apartment where they had been living together. Yoshitani, who no longer had a place to live, was moving from place to place, including a friend’s house and a hotel, and was also reportedly in financial trouble over one million yen in living expenses that she had put aside while living together.

In June of the same year, this magazine directly interviewed Yoshitani himself, but he simply said, “I’m sorry , that’s ……,” and his words were muddled. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you anything about the financial trouble,” she said. When we visited her parents at their home in Chiba, they told us the following.

In the beginning of May, my daughter suddenly came home with two dogs and no clothes on. She had been kicked out of the house she was living with and was staying at a friend’s house, so she asked us to take care of her pets.

Takeuchi is a nice, friendly boy, and we were close as a family. I once told him, ‘You are old enough to know better, and I don’t want you to be careless with me. He replied, ‘I will do my best to make sure of that. When I came to visit them at New Year’s this year, they seemed to be getting along well, so I was relieved. ……” (mother)

She also told us that Yoshitani’s belongings were still in Takeuchi’s room and that he would not let her go in to get them, and that the financial problems had been resolved by the office in the meantime.

Three and a half years have passed since then. The financial problems were resolved by the office. Yoshitani announced her marriage to her new partner on January 1, which is said to be the most auspicious day on the calendar because of the combination of “Ichiban-Manboku Hi,” “Tenso Hi,” and “Ten-en Hi. We hope that this time he will be happy.

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In December ’18, Yoshitani went out from Takeuchi’s apartment. He stopped at a convenience store and returned after about 20 minutes.
One day, he and Takeuchi went out together in a cab. On the way out, they dropped Takeuchi off and Yoshitani went to his own apartment. However, they met up again later (November ’18).
When asked by this magazine, “Are you living in a hotel because Mr. Takeuchi kicked you out? When asked by this magazine, “No, that’s not the case. ……” (June ’20).
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