Baseball players were replaced in the baseball team and protested vehemently to the manager…ENEOS Sexually Harassed Dismissal President “Unhappy with the Transfer and Wanted to Talk Directly to the Manager” Fiercely True Story | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Baseball players were replaced in the baseball team and protested vehemently to the manager…ENEOS Sexually Harassed Dismissal President “Unhappy with the Transfer and Wanted to Talk Directly to the Manager” Fiercely True Story

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Saito, a fierce businessman (PHOTO: Kyodo News)

Two consecutive top executives have resigned due to sexual harassment, an unprecedented situation.

On December 19, ENEOS Holdings (ENEOS), the largest oil wholesaler in Japan, announced the dismissal of its president, Takeshi Saito (61), who allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior, including hugging a woman in attendance at a social gathering in November. An internal report was filed with the compliance office at the end of the same month, and an external lawyer and others conducted an internal investigation and confirmed the facts.

The former chairman of Eneos, Tsutomu Sugimori, was also dismissed in August 2010 for indecent behavior toward female staff members at a high-class club. A report in the September 29 issue of Shukan Shincho (September 29 of the same year) revealed the details. He put his hand inside a female staff member’s dress and squeezed her breast. He also put his hands on her shoulders and forced a kiss. The woman who resisted is said to have suffered a broken rib and other injuries that will take two weeks to heal.

At a press conference held on December 19, outside director Seiichiro Nishioka said, “The biggest problem is that they were not fully aware of the situation. At the time of the incident, President Saito was in a state of drunkenness and had no memory of the incident. In response to an internal interview, he said, “The fact that he drank to excess is a problem in itself. He is said to have said, ‘I am truly ashamed and sorry.

Sermon” to Eneos Baseball Club Members

Mr. Saito was dismissed for a scandal for which there can be no excuse. What kind of person is he? Mr. Takashi Matsuzaki, an economic journalist familiar with the oil industry, introduces the true face of Mr. Saito as a “fierce businessman.

Mr. Saito is from Kumamoto Prefecture and was a member of the baseball club in high school. He was a radical character even back then, and when he was forced to replace a player, he protested vehemently to the coach. In an interview with, he said that he was scolded by the coach, who asked him if he had practiced with all his might. This experience must have left a strong impression on Saito. He was also the manager of the baseball club at Eneos, where he told the players, “If you cherish every day, hour, and minute, you will never make an error.

After graduating from high school, he went on to study at the School of Political Science and Economics at Waseda University. He spent his student life working part-time. During his job search, he applied to more than 100 companies in a wide range of industries, and ended up joining Nippon Oil Corporation, the predecessor of Eneos. In interviews with various media outlets, he said that he felt a connection with the company because the employees were attractive people with broad perspectives, which was the deciding factor.

At Nippon Oil, he was assigned to the Industrial Fuels Department, which handled heavy fuel oil for corporations, and was strictly supervised. He must have found his work there rewarding. A few years later, he was transferred and caused a bit of a stir.

According to an article in the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” (May 25, 2010), Mr. Saito told his boss directly that “it would be a loss for the company. According to an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (May 25, 2010), Mr. Saito went directly to his boss saying, “It is a loss for the company to transfer me. As expected, he was angered and Mr. Saito’s claim was not accepted. ……

After that, Mr. Saito worked in various departments, driving his own car and selling oil. He did not leave the handling of customer complaints and claims to his subordinates, but went to the customer himself to explain and apologize for his actions. His intense work ethic must have been appreciated, because at the age of 45 he rose through the ranks at an unusually rapid pace, including a position as executive officer of a company he was involved with.

Mr. Saito rose to the top of Eneos thanks to his own dynamism. However, his drunken sexual harassment led to his ouster from the position of president, which he had worked so hard to attain.

Mr. Saito (center), who often went to work onsite himself.
During his time at Waseda University, Mr. Saito worked a lot of part-time jobs.
  • PHOTO Kyodo News, Jiji Press

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