Yosuke Kubozuka made a shocking confession behind the backdrop of the December passage of the revised Marijuana Control Law. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yosuke Kubozuka made a shocking confession behind the backdrop of the December passage of the revised Marijuana Control Law.

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Yosuke Kubozuka, known as a proponent of marijuana, has been a member of the revised Marijuana Control Law since December. ……

Actor Yosuke Kubozuka is causing a stir after he made a comment that could be taken as marijuana use during a live broadcast on Instagram.

On December 23, the X account on “Bakusai.com [Official] @Sub” posted the video along with the evidence.

In the video, with over 3,800 people watching live, he said about marijuana

He said, “I smoked marijuana, and I was on ‘Laugh It Away’ once. But I haven’t changed since then. I’m …… honest.

That’s the most important thing. Seriously. That’s really the root of our life. Why we were born and why we are alive. That’s what it’s all about. It’s like, “Who are you living for? Right?”

He made a dangerous statement that could be taken to mean that marijuana is the root of life.

Incidentally, Kubozuka has been a member of “Laugh It Up! since 2000.

Kubozuka has often drunkenly delivered live while gulping down wine and other beverages, and in the past, he has also made comments about drugs, saying, “There is one guy who has never been drunk before.

In the past, he has also talked about drugs, saying, “A guy who’s never been drunk before says, ‘This guy’s drunk on marijuana or drugs. It’s really embarrassing …… because there is no such thing as “bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli bli …….”

He also said, “I’m really ashamed of .

In his 2003 book, “Pieces of Peace,” Kubozuka also expressed his opinion that “marijuana” will be a miracle weed for humans and the earth in the 21st century. He is a “marijuana proponent. The following year, however, he jumped from the ninth floor of his condominium and miraculously survived by diving 9 meters into a plantation.

Furthermore, in ’08, a weekly magazine reported that he had attended a marijuana party, and in response to a direct interview by a reporter, he rushed forward and fell down while making strange noises, ……. He has never been arrested so far, but since the crime of “marijuana use” will be newly established in 2012, the police will be sensitive to statements such as “I smoked” (sports newspaper reporter). (Sports newspaper reporter)

The revised Marijuana Control Law, which allows the use of “medical marijuana,” was passed and enacted at a plenary session of the House of Councillors on December 6, and will go into effect in 2012. The revised law will go into effect in 2012, and will also establish a new crime for the use of marijuana, since the drug has been spreading among young people.

The drug is used overseas as an antiepileptic drug, and clinical trials are underway in Japan, and the revised law will allow its actual use in the medical field. Until now, possession and transfer of marijuana have been charged as crimes, but the crime of using marijuana did not exist because farmers who grow marijuana inhale marijuana ingredients when they reap the crop.

The question is, if he really smoked marijuana, how did he get it, since marijuana is not sold in Japan,” he said. Drug trafficking is often controlled by a specific anti-corporation, and there are concerns about the connection between the two.

Kubozuka is an influential celebrity, so he should refrain from using marijuana or even saying that he smoked marijuana lightly.

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