Tomohiro Anraku, who was effectively fired due to the power harassment scandal, became a You Tuber…⁉Rakuten is afraid of “the second Garcy-ization | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Tomohiro Anraku, who was effectively fired due to the power harassment scandal, became a You Tuber…⁉Rakuten is afraid of “the second Garcy-ization

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Tomohiro Anraku, 27, a former Rakuten pitcher who was effectively “fired” from his contract on December 1 due to a power harassment issue. The team is working to quickly bring the issue to an end.

I hope it doesn’t turn into an exposing YouTube ……

The prevention measures include interviews with the entire team twice a year. In addition, the company also conducts an annual survey to detect any signs of harassment at an early stage.

It appears that “harassment training will be conducted once a year and a consultation service will be set up. However, the team has yet to report on internal investigations into teammates suspected of being involved in the harassment of Yasura and senior director Kazuhisa Ishii (50), who is being held accountable for his management and accountability.

On December 16, new manager Toshiaki Imae (40) mentioned the Yasuragi issue for the first time at a baseball school held in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. He stressed the need to eradicate harassment and improve the openness of the baseball team organization.

I have the impression that things have settled down, but this is not the end of the matter. But this is not the end of the matter,” he said. I mentioned earlier that there are players who are suspected of being involved in the power harassment by Yasura, but at the press conference, team president Morii publicly admitted that it is “almost a fact” that Yasura harassed the players. It is difficult to believe that Yasura alone could have committed such acts as making the players stand on their stomachs in the locker room with their lower bodies naked. If he had an accomplice, he would have complained, saying, “Why should I be the only one punished?

A Pacific League team official familiar with crisis management envisions the worst-case scenario for Yasuraku’s “outburst” as follows: “The biggest concern on the Rakuten side is that Yasura will expose the inside story of the turmoil through YouTube and other media.

What Rakuten is most concerned about is that Yasuraku will expose the inside story of the turmoil one after another on YouTube and other media,” said a source familiar with crisis management. Of course, there is a risk of being sued for libel without proof, but former House of Councillors member Yoshikazu Azumaya, 52, a.k.a. “Garcy,” has been exposing the wrongdoings of celebrities on his channel, one after another, without any real evidence. It is still fresh in our minds that the number of registered viewers quickly exceeded one million. The worst thing that could happen to Rakuten would be for Anraku to become the “Garcy” of the baseball world.

One of the most famous YouTube stars who is a former professional baseball player is Masao Kasahara, 32, a former Giant who was released from his contract due to a baseball betting scandal.

Kasahara’s videos have gained popularity for their frankness and openness about the backstage of the baseball world. He has even filmed videos of famous players’ relationships with women, using his network of former colleagues as a source of information. Kaname Takino (27) and Takuya Mitsuma (31), both former Chunichi players, uploaded a video to YouTube in which they talk about the so-called “Reiwa rice riot” caused by Kazuyoshi Tachinami (54), the manager. The video gained a lot of views.

If Yasura also makes a guest appearance in a video or starts his own channel, he will also be able to earn views. When the baseball team repeatedly said at press conferences that they were keeping in touch with Yasura, who had been released on a free-agent contract, they must have meant that they were monitoring him to prevent him from revealing his inside information on his own. (A former official)

We hope that the “comfort bomb” will be a dud. ……

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