It wasn’t just “quitting Janis”… The commercials of Takashi Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima revealed the difficulty of using the remaining members of the team. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

It wasn’t just “quitting Janis”… The commercials of Takashi Sorimachi and Nanako Matsushima revealed the difficulty of using the remaining members of the team.

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Takashi Sorimachi, who is blowing up in terms of popularity, and Takuya Kimura, who is struggling. Both were Johnny’s Jr. when they were ……

The commercial in which Takashi Sorimachi and his wife Nanako Matsushima appear together for the first time as husband and wife has become a topic of conversation.

The two are regularly ranked as the ideal celebrity couple, and since they are still on good terms with each other and have been working side by side since their wedding press conference, it is impossible not to talk about them. The commercial has been well received and has definitely contributed to sales.

This commercial is for Shiseido’s “men’s cosmetics,” and Takuya Kimura’s presence comes to mind when one hears this.

Due to the sexual assault scandal at the former Johnny’s office, the commercials of the talent in the office were cancelled one after another. Among them, the first one to be terminated was a men’s cosmetics commercial for Shiseido, in which Kimura was scheduled to appear.

The decision of Shiseido, the national sponsor, to be the first to cancel the contract, is said to have had an impact on other companies’ decision to use a Japanese celebrity in their commercials. It is said that when Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi, who appeared in as many commercials as Mr. Kimura, expressed that he was ‘scared’ when he became independent, it was because he was concerned about losing his commercial contract.

(A source related to the above mentioned person). It seems that the commercials have now seen the light of day thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Sorimachi and Mr. Matsushima.

Mr. Sorimachi alone would not have been a bad idea since he was replacing Mr. Kimura, but Mr. Matsushima joined the team. But with the addition of Ms. Matsushima, it is now possible for wives to purchase products for their husbands’ skin care needs. Originally, Ms. Matsushima was a “pretty lady” and famous for her beautiful skin.

She has also been on the cover of a women’s magazine that created the “beauty witch boom,” and she enjoys great support from wives. With Ms. Matsushima on the show, the number of buyers has almost doubled,” said a casting producer at an advertising agency.

The simple question that comes to mind is, if Kimura had been retained as he was, would there have been any chance of Kimura and Kudo co-starring as a married couple?

If Mr. Kimura had been retained as he was, he would have appeared alone. In terms of female sensitivity, I don’t think she and Mr. Kudo would have appeared together. It must be complicated for Mr. Kimura’s fans. …… To begin with, as for the old Johnny’s office, it is not a good idea to talk about his wife in a big way. It would be difficult for a couple to co-star even if it were not Mr. Kimura,” laments a casting producer at an advertising agency.

(a casting producer at an advertising agency) laments, “It’s not just about commercials.

This is not only true for commercials. The same is true of interviews in magazines and sports papers,

The interviewer said, “Talking about his children is just barely acceptable, but when it comes to his wife, the office asks me to cut it out. No matter how good the story is, the wife’s episode is not allowed to be published. This was the norm in the heyday of the old Johnny’s, but nowadays, I get the impression that this is no longer the case.

says a TV magazine reporter with a wry smile.

Speaking of the old Johnny’s office, Sorimachi was also a member of Johnny’s Jr. It is probably not a coincidence that a retired janitor is working as a janitor. The cause lies not only in the sexual assault issue, but also in the nature of the old Johnny’s, where the topic of family is also nixed.

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