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Why the Return of Reina Sumi After Maternity Leave Will Still be a “Safe Bet”

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Reina Sumi appeared at the event. On stage, she also performed a light dance to the rhythm of the occasion.

“I often go golfing with my husband and forget to eat breakfast because it is so early in the day. This yogurt is perfect for sharing with my husband.”


Reina Sumi, 33, a freelance announcer, gave a glimpse of her sweet married life at the “Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt New Product Announcement” held in early October. Sumi, who left TV Tokyo in March 2020 to go freelance, was a goddess that day, performing an impromptu cute dance. Her popularity shows no sign of abating.

“After becoming a freelancer, she has been unsparing in showing off her sexy body in gravure. On the other hand, she showed her sloppy side on a variety show, and the gap between her body and the others increased her popularity. She has been in demand for everything from dramas to commercials, and can be called the post-Tanaka Minami,” says a source in the entertainment industry.

Meanwhile, her private life is also going well. In January 2022, she announced her marriage to a civilian man. According to “Shukan Post,” which reported their love affair in May 2021, the partner is a pilot working for a major airline company, and is said to be a handsome man resembling ISSA of “DA PUMP”. Then, on October 31 of this year, she reported on her own Instagram that she was pregnant with her first child.


It has been one month since she announced her pregnancy. She has already entered a stable period, and Sumi herself declared, “I plan to continue working while watching my health condition.” While her every move has attracted attention, there are also concerns about her smooth-sailing career. Next year, she will have to cut back on her media exposure due to maternity leave for childbirth and childcare. This is the era of freelance female announcers. Will there still be a place for her after her maternity leave? However, a producer at a key station had a surprising response.

“These days, female TV announcers are expected to be relatable and likable, rather than unattainable beauties. The overwhelming majority of TV viewers are housewives, and women in their 40s and older are the main target, so they need to be accepted. In this respect, Sumi’s character, which is open and unpretentious despite her beauty, is valuable. She has always been famous for her ability to handle variety shows, and if she can add a mamatare element to that, I think the number of people involved in TV programs who want to use her will probably increase.”

She was smiling and snapping pictures with comedian Yuriyan Retriever, who also attended the event.

“I feel like I can connect my hobbies and everything in my personal life to my work. I can tell episodes of “Zum Sata” (Nippon Television Network Corporation), which I have the privilege of being in charge of, and I feel that nothing is ever really wasted. For example, even when I buy a new pillow, I make a note of it to see if it will make a good story.”

Sumi revealed. Being away from the stage for a while is not a big problem. It is likely that she will be sought after again after her return.

During the show, Sumi also showed her love pose. She charmed the audience with her innocent aura.
During the dance on stage, her skirt fluttered as she turned. Her well-trained and beautiful legs were exposed at one point.
  • PHOTO Kazuhiko Nakamura

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