Total Ten Boss Omura confessed the whole story of his “affair six years ago” on a TV program. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Total Ten Boss Omura confessed the whole story of his “affair six years ago” on a TV program.

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Omura was very remorseful when this magazine interviewed him directly…but why now? (May 5, ’17 issue)

Do you remember? Six years ago, I had an affair. I caused my family a lot of grief, and I’m sorry for the trouble I caused at the time.

Tomohiro Omura, 48, the “non-Afro” of the popular comic duo “Total Ten Boss,” recounted his past infidelity to the TV camera. Recently, he has been seen as a barter (?) for their eldest son, Harusora (17), on the show “Chidori no kusei no kusei. Omura is also famous for his work on “Chidori no kuse ga sukkai neta GP” (Fuji Television Network) as a barter (?) for his eldest son, Haruka-kun (17).

Omura appeared on the November 21 broadcast of “Chidori’s Aiseki Shokudo” (ABC). In this program, celebrities travel around Japan and meet with locals to deepen exchanges while sharing a table, and the program was called “Misogi Aiseki,” in which travelers who have caused a stir in the world go on a journey to purify themselves.

Omura further stated in the program , “I wonder how we met. I think it was on Twitter or …… message, and he asked me a question about tickets for a live concert. And I was kind of cute, I guess,” he said. But then he heard that the woman he was having an affair with was telling everyone around him, so he told her that he couldn’t meet her and it was leaked to a weekly magazine.

Daigo, the MC, asked him, ” Why are you telling us this here? But since we are here, let us review the whole story of Omura’s affair as reported in the May 5, 2005, issue of this magazine .

He came to my hotel room

Om (Omura) asked me to meet him because of our social networking, and we met alone for the first time in November of the year before last. That day was the last day of his live tour, and he came to the hotel room where I was staying during a break from the launch of the tour. At that time, we parted only with a hug, but I was a big fan of Om, so I was elated by that alone.

Ako, an office worker living in Tokyo (23 at the time), said at the time with an exhausted expression on her face. She is a beautiful, neat and tidy woman who resembles Suzu Hirose, an actress. About a week after meeting Omura, Ako was invited to a hotel where Omura was staying, and they had a sexual relationship. Omura married in 2006 and is the father of two children, and Ako knew this from the beginning.

I knew he had a wife, so it was fine for me to be his “No. 2,”” she says. I think he was also satisfied with that kind of relationship with me. ……”

After the affair began, the two began to meet secretly about once a month to have a relationship….

Their encounters were often very limited, such as between gigs at Shinjuku Lumine, where Omura performed, or after an all-night mah-jongg session. And sometimes Omura would spare no time to take off his jacket and engage in the act with Ms. Ako.

To Omura, Ako was nothing more than a “convenient onna,” but the fact that their relationship was good is evident from their graphic exchanges on LINE. However, on April 3, 2005, about a year and a half after the affair began, Omura’s birthday happened to fall on the same day as Omura’s birthday. Coincidentally, their relationship soured on Omura’s birthday.

Omura says, “Because of my carelessness, a friend of mine saw my phone. She must have seen me and Om communicating on LINE. That went around and Om heard about it. ……”

When Omura learned that a third party had found out about his affair with Ako, he became furious, putting on the shelf the fact that he was the one who had picked up on the affair in the first place. He became so angry that he began to hurl abusive epithets at her on LINE, such as “I’ll curse you in the afterlife (if I find out),” “Satan,” and “You’ll cause trouble for (my partner) Kenji Fujita (47),” etc. Ms. Ako became mentally depressed.

At the time, Omura was honest in his words of remorse when directly confronted by this magazine.

Yes, everything is true. I’m sorry. I was just playing with fire. I am truly sorry.

When asked, “How will you explain this to your wife? I have no choice but to apologize. I don’t know if she will forgive me or not. ……

When asked if he would further apologize to his partner Fujita, saying, “I can’t stand it,” he was all the more sorry, saying, “No, that’s as expected…” He then managed to apologize to Mrs. Fujita.

Omura later apologized to his wife and managed to avoid a divorce, but this incident completely destroyed his character as a loving wife. For Omura, the social networking affair proved to be too costly.

Although the two members of Chidori were quick to chide him, Omura went out of his way to pull this story out of his ass . He jumped into the water wearing a loincloth on the show, but has he done his “misogi” this time?

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(1) A picture that Omura sent to Ako from his business trip; Ako often sent him similar selfies when he asked her to do so.
Exchange between Ako and Omura on LINE (1): A graphic but intimate scene can be seen.
Exchange between Ms. Ako and Mr. Omura (2): A conversation between a couple who are truly good friends.
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