Exclusive interview with the original “Hallyu Sexy Queen,” Anne Shin hye: “I came back to win in Japan. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Exclusive interview with the original “Hallyu Sexy Queen,” Anne Shin hye: “I came back to win in Japan.

She will play on the Korean Tour for the first time in two years and four months, and plans to play on the Japan Tour next year.

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Wearing a pale yellow blouse and a jacket, Anne Cine gave an interview. She is fashionable as she says, “I am always conscious of how I look.

I still receive messages of support from Japanese fans in the comments section of my Instagram. That is why I am happy to come to Japan again. I also love Japanese food, so I’m looking forward to it (laughs).”

Her smile had not changed at all from four years ago when she last played in Japan.

Ahn Shin-hye, 32, who became the talk of the town as the “sexy queen” of Korean golf, returned to Japan for the first time in two years and four months at a domestic tour event held November 2 to 5. She is also participating in the first stage of the QT (qualifying tournament) for seeding for the first half of the next season’s Japan Tour event, which was held in Saitama Prefecture from November 21.

Anne Sinay is back on the professional stage. She was interviewed at a hotel in Tokyo, still looking young in her 30s and as stylish as ever in her casual clothes.

When she tried out for the QT in ’19, she placed 25th and secured a spot on the Japan Tour for the following year. However, she had to abandon her entry due to the COVID-19 crisis. At the time, “I was filled with frustration,” she says.

My shots and putts were really good, so I was confident for the 2008 season. However, with the COVID-19 crisis, I would have to travel back and forth between Japan and Korea, which would require two weeks of isolation in each country. It is not realistic to play in that situation. It was a shock for me because I thought I would finally be able to show my fans how to play well. Then I decided to take the plunge and take a break.”

This was the first time for her to take a long break from the tour, as she had been on the tour every year. It was the first time in my life that I didn’t grab a club, enjoy a trip, have dinner with my best friends, and take it easy,” she recalls.

During her absence, she received offers to play on the Korean Tour on her recommendation. Anne Shinae herself, of course, had her own desire to return to the game.’ In July of 2009, she decided to enter the Korean Tour with a single thought in mind. However, the result was cruel: she tied for 117th place with a total of 13 over par over the two days. He finished in a tie for 117th place, 13 over par for the two-day event, and failed to qualify at the bottom of the leaderboard.

I lost confidence as a professional and hit a big wall on that day. I was really depressed that I had lost the ability to compete in the game. …… The thought of retirement crossed my mind.”

Family Ties” Pushed Him Back

I decided to give up golf. One year after deciding to give up golf, in 2010, Anne Shin-hye traveled to California, U.S.A., to refresh herself. One year after deciding to give up golf, in 2010, Anne Shin-hye went to California, U.S.A., to refresh herself. Not far from where she was staying, she learned that the first round of the U.S. Women’s Tour Qualifying Tournament was being held.

No matter how much I wanted to give up,” she said, “I always had a desire to play in the tournament in a corner of my mind. I wanted to know how good I was now, so I entered.”

Even though he has kept his distance from the competition, he has continued to play. However, the day before the qualifying round, he was under a lot of pressure. On the day of practice, she was confronted with the reality that she was not as skilled or physical as the other players, and she called her mother and cried a lot. She called her mother and cried a lot.

She told him, “You have always lacked power and technique, but you have the short game. But you have the short game. You just need to develop the parts of your game where you are better than other players. You don’t have to be so nerve-wracking.”

Encouraged by her mother, she stuck to the style of play she had been playing. She said that her golf game came together well when she took on the challenge with courage.

I fought through the four days and was able to make it through the first round. It gave me a lot of confidence that I could still do it. I gained a lot of confidence.

It was around this time that the desire to return to competition began to grow. She resumed training, and in July of this year, she announced her participation in the Japan Tour’s QT.

Passion regained. However, Anne Siné had another concern. But she had another concern: the conflict with her father, who had trained her.

Aboji (Korean for father) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2004. After a battle with the disease, his health recovered, but this time lung cancer was found, and he continues to live in the hospital.

Suddenly, Anne choked up and burst into tears, not caring that her makeup was falling off. The complete opposite of her cool-beauty image, we were bewildered by her appearance.

Her father’s strict golf instruction is well-known in Korea, and Ahn Shin-hye reveals, “I got tired of it and got into a fight with him. She knew he was ill, but she could not be honest with him, and they lost touch for about a year. In November of this year, she summoned up the courage to call her father to report her participation in Japan.

At first I couldn’t imagine what he would say. If I could report to him that I made it through to the QT, it would be the greatest filial piety I could show him.

Finally, I asked him why he was so determined to stay in Japan. He said, “One of the reasons I decided to take on this challenge is to repay my parents,” but his primary motivation is something else. But his main motivation is something else: Japan is his favorite place.

The Japanese fans loved me,” he said. I have received many messages from them since I left Japan, and I know how much they have been waiting for me. It is also the last place I played as a tour player. I came back to win a championship in this country.”

He has not lost his pride as a professional golfer and athlete.

I was still somewhat disappointed to end without a challenge,” he said. But now I want to play golf and give it my best. There is pressure to be the center of attention because of the buzz, but next time I want to show ″Anne Shin-hye as a professional golfer″.

Her pure desire to compete and her love for her parents and Japanese fans have ignited her athletic spirit. The second chapter of her professional career is about to begin.

When I asked her if she wanted to see me swinging, she graciously agreed. Her well-developed waist peeking out from her costume is beautiful!
Anne Shin hye’s “I came back to win in Japan” exclusive interview
Anne Shin hye’s “I came back to win in Japan” exclusive interview.

From the December 8-15, 2023 issue of FRIDAY

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