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Why is Yukie Nakama’s past “adultery problem” being rehashed?

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A fellow worker on his way to work. This photo was taken just before the “affair,” but he was not wearing a ring on his left ring finger (May ’17).

NHK Drama 10 “O-oku” (Tuesdays at 10 pm) depicts the parallel world of “O-oku,” where the sexes are reversed, from the time of the 3rd Shogun, Iemitsu, to the return of the Grand Council of State. Season 2’s “Bakumatsu-hen” is now in its final stages, and Yukie Nakama (44) has been the most talked-about actress so far in Season 2 for her monstrous performance.

Nakama’s character, Hitotsubashi Harusai, appears in the “Medical Care” episode. In the original comic as well, he is considered by fans to be the “most fearsome character. Once Ienari (Aoi Nakamura), his son, is placed in the position of the 11th Shogun, he manipulates and wields power at will, and in order to protect his power, he poisons and murders his grandchildren one after another.

In his 20s, Nakamura played mostly comical roles, such as in “Gokusen” (NTV) and “TRICK” (TV Asahi), but in his 30s he broadened his range of roles.’ In “Chimudo-don” (NHK) in 2010, she played a mother of four children who was so inclusive that she was criticized by viewers for being “too kind. In the past, she has played heelish roles, but this is the first time she has played such a villainous role. She was praised as truly breaking new ground.

That’s all very well, but because of the popularity of her performance, there was a little “bonus” attached to it.

When Shukan Bunshun visited the brother of her husband, Tetsushi Tanaka (57), who lives in the Kansai region, to find out what was going on with her, he was very upset. He was very upset. Apparently, he remembered the affair six years ago. At the time, his family was quite shocked by the sudden publication of the article. The past affair was unexpectedly rehashed.

The “affair six years ago” refers to the affair between Tanaka and a hair stylist acquaintance in 2005, three years after their marriage, which was reported by the magazine “FRIDAY. Moreover, the affair took place while the couple was away from Japan on business.

Tanaka apologized through his office, saying, “I am truly sorry for causing trouble with my thoughtless behavior, and for the trouble I have caused to everyone concerned. Tanaka apologized flatly, and it seems that her friends eventually forgave Tanaka. Her office also commented in an interview with a sports newspaper, “I haven’t heard (from the companions) that they broke up, so I think I forgave them. After that, Tanaka seems to have completely changed his mind, and he has reduced the number of times he goes out drinking and even started cooking, which he did not do at all before.

This magazine also witnessed Tanaka’s diligent visits to the hospital in June 2006, the month Tanaka’s mother gave birth to twins. In a recent interview, Tanaka said , “I think only about my children. When I shop, all I notice is my children’s stuff. The other day I bought a T-shirt exactly the same as the one we have at home. It also seems that the family sometimes shows up at Tanaka’s parents’ house together. It seems that “the earth hardens when it rains.

Nakama said in an interview about his role as Chizai, “It was a crazy role that I have never played before. However, he also said, “It is inappropriate to say this, but in a way I was excited to play the role,” as he was able to express the character of Jiří without being bound by the reality of a certain period drama.

Perhaps it is the presence of his beloved family that allows him to enjoy himself while also breaking new ground.

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Tanaka is on his way to the apartment of his adulterous partner. He was dressed as you see in the photo, and walking very slowly to avoid being followed, which was quite suspicious (May ’17).
The two friends were shopping at a supermarket in September ’17, after the affair. I wonder if they were completely reconciled by this time.
Tanaka walking to the hospital where his companion, who had just given birth, was hospitalized in the nearly 30°C heat (June ’18).
My companion on location at a supermarket in the shopping district of Minowa, Tokyo. He was holding a bag of mandarin oranges in his hand and asked the clerk, “Which one is sweeter?” to a store clerk (December 16, 2010 issue).
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