Don’t shoot!” TBS admits “Johnny’s discovery” in the Kusanagi Tsuyoshi case and the “former SMAP manager” who remains silent. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Don’t shoot!” TBS admits “Johnny’s discovery” in the Kusanagi Tsuyoshi case and the “former SMAP manager” who remains silent.

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I former manager who raised SMAP to top idol status, but ……

The “darkness” in the TV industry, triggered by the sexual assault of the late Janie Kitagawa, is about to be exposed.

On November 26, TBS aired an investigative program, “Special Investigative Report on the Former Johnny’s Office,” in which TBS TV and TBS Radio jointly conducted an investigation into the handling of the report on Johnny’s sexual assault and the relationship with the former Johnny’s Office (now SMILE-UP.).

One of the most interesting points touched on the case of former SMAP member Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, who was caught red-handed in April ’09 on a charge of public indecency for being drunk and rowdy in the nude in a park in Minato Ward, Tokyo. In the verification program, he was described as Mr. B of an idol group. After Kusanagi was sent to the police station, he was released with his disposition pending.

The car carrying Kusanagi then left the police station and went to the underground parking lot in the TBS broadcasting center in Akasaka, being followed by the media. A member of the station’s news department rushed to the scene with a camera, only to be confronted by a member of the programming department who said, “Don’t film!

Don’t film!

and stopped them. Reporters and cameramen surrounded the car and asked Kusanagi questions, and the car drove away, which was broadcast on the day’s news program.

At the hearing, the editor-in-chief of the news bureau

“A reporter covering the story in the underground parking lot called me and reported, ‘The organization is asking me to stop, what should I do?’

There was an employee on the scene who was in contact with Johnny’s.”

‘So it’s a matter of great people even showing up in the parking lot. I felt that people outside of the press, whether it be production or organization, would be that considerate of Johnny’s. It didn’t sit well with me that they interfered with our coverage.”

He testified, “I was not satisfied with the way they interfered with the interview.

It is a basic premise that the news and programming sections, which are different from each other, should not “interfere” with each other. However, it was revealed that the programming department had openly interfered in the news coverage of SMAP, the former head of Johnny’s. A TV station official who knew about the situation at the time said, “The news coverage of SMAP was not interfered with by the programming department, but by the news directors. A TV station official who knew the situation at the time said

It wasn’t just the Kusanagi case. When Goro Inagaki, a former member of SMAP, was arrested in 2001 for violating the Road Traffic Law, the TV station referred to him as ‘Member Inagaki. That too was a programming decision made in consideration of Johnny’s. The relationship with the TV stations was too abnormal. The relationship with the TV station was too abnormal.

The relationship with the TV station was too abnormal,” he said.

In the investigation report by the Special Investigation Committee, TBS stated

“It is clear that the purpose of inviting the vehicle in was to escape from the press, and that it interfered with the news station’s coverage of the event. In other words, it was an act that could have caused the news organization to abandon its own responsibilities as a news organization.

He condemned the action.

The report also points out that “no measures were taken to prevent a recurrence of such an incident.

The report also points out that “no steps were taken to prevent a recurrence.

The first name that comes to mind when discussing the discovery problems at the former Johnny’s office is that of Mary Kitagawa, the sister of Johnny’s. “If you don’t like it, you can leave,” she said.

She has been known to threaten, “If you don’t like it, I’ll pull out of your office.

She has dominated the media with such threats as “If you don’t like it, we’ll pull out of your house.

However, in the case of Inagaki and Kusanagi, it is not Mary but Mr. I, the former chief manager of SMAP and the current president of CULEN, who has been a major factor in the case. When Kusanagi was arrested, Mr. I. said

“Mr. I was so shocked that he went to bed for several days.

Mr. I also has a strong attitude toward the media.

Mr. I also often took a strong attitude toward the media. The Inagaki and Kusanagi cases are the reason for this.

When the discovery of the former Johnny’s office became an issue, Mr. I received many requests for interviews, but he rejected all of them. If he answered in a bad way, he might be asked, “What kind of a mouth does …… have?

When some sports papers reported a “secret meeting” between Mr. Takizawa Hideaki of “TOBE” and Mr. I, he was furious as if he were on fire.

He was furious at the fact that he had met Mr. Takizawa, but he was furious at the fact that it was reported. His basic stance is that he does not want to be involved in the series of problems with Johnny’s, and he has thoroughly avoided drawing attention to himself. I think he was wary of any unintended speculation about his ‘secret meeting’ with Mr. Takizawa,” said a wide-show insider.

If one wants to get a full picture of the “corrupt relationship” between Johnny’s and the media, the “testimonies” of Mr. I and Mr. Takizawa, who were on the front lines, are indispensable. However, neither of them intends to touch the matter at all in the future.

In the end, both parties and the media seem to want to settle the matter with the “fluffy conclusion” that “there was a discovery.

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