A date with a beautiful woman in Omotesando at the age of 19, a morning trip home the day before a game in 2002…Sho Nakata, “Retired from the Giants,” a dynamic photo outside the ballpark. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

A date with a beautiful woman in Omotesando at the age of 19, a morning trip home the day before a game in 2002…Sho Nakata, “Retired from the Giants,” a dynamic photo outside the ballpark.

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Sho Nakata, who was drinking until 4 a.m. despite having a game the next day (’14, June 20)

I really thought about it until the very last minute. I really loved this Giants team so much, so I was thinking about it until the very last minute, but I still wanted to play in games and bat, so at that time, not to go back to being a baseball boy, but I still wanted to play in games.”

Sho Nakata, 34, exercised his right to opt out and resign from the Giants on November 15.

He was a regular at Osaka Toin High School from his freshman year and contributed to the team’s run to the top four in the summer Koshien Tournament. He hit a total of 87 home runs in high school. He also hit a total of four home runs in Koshien and was called the ‘monster of the Heisei era.'” In the 2007 draft, he was selected first by four teams and joined Nippon Ham.

In his sixth year, in 2002, he won the batting title for the first time. Since then, he has scored 100 runs or more five times, tied for the most among active players, and has supported the professional baseball world as a slugger with a strong competitive edge,” said a sports newspaper reporter.

In proportion to his success, his “dynamic” behavior outside the ballpark has become increasingly conspicuous. FRIDAY” has been paying attention to Nakata since 2008, when he joined Nichi-Ham. He went home in the morning after drinking even on game days, played on a cruiser with 21 beautiful women, and picked out perfume at Naha Airport …… when he was a rookie. Here are some photos of Nakata’s dynamic appearance outside the stadium.

Blonde hair, camouflage T-shirt, Roppongi cabaret club → karaoke bar ladder

After 11:00 p.m. in June ’14, several men came out of a cabaret club in Roppongi. The largest of the men was Sho Nakata. He was wearing a camouflage-patterned T-shirt and white half pants, and his blond hair dazzled in the neon lights of Roppongi.

Nakata had a VIP room reserved for about eight people and was apparently drinking tequila. I heard he was singing a love song by Shota Shimizu in a sweet voice,” said a source close to Nakata.

The next day, he was preparing for the Yakult game, but entered a karaoke bar. He was accompanied by Kiyoshi Hashimoto, a Giants alumnus, and Haruki Nishikawa, then a Nichi-Ham player, and a hostess who seemed to be his after party also rushed to the bar. He came out at 4 am. In the end, Nakata did not fare so well against Yakult, getting only one hit in six at-bats, but he was the first player to score 100 runs in a game that year and won the top spot in the batting order.

Nakata has wowed his home ballpark with his competitive spirit, scoring a total of 1,062 runs, and his dynamic hitting, with 303 home runs, but which team will he be with next year?

Nakata’s possible destinations include Chunichi, which is struggling with poor hitting, Lotte, a Tokyo-based team, and Hiroshima, his hometown team. There are many teams that are looking forward to seeing Nakata’s strong, competitive hitting.

We hope that Nakata will once again show us fans his dynamic hitting and his great form outside the ballpark as well.

Sho Nakata as a player at Osaka Toin High School in the 72nd Spring Selection in ’07 (April 6, ’07).
Eighteen-year-old Nakata was at Naha Airport for his return to Tokyo after his first Okinawa camp since joining the team. He was picking out a perfume, perhaps as a present for his girlfriend. But still, he has this dignity. …… (March 21, ’08 issue)
Nakata is 19 years old and has finished his first season. Omotesando shopping date with a beautiful woman (January 2, 2009 issue)
High-class Chinese date with a beautiful model-like girl (September 9, 2011 issue)
Sho Nakata (far right), Tsuyoshi Nishioka (center right), Takashi Toritani (center left), and Shintaro Fujinami (far left) waiting at the pier just before cruising with 21 beautiful women (August 9, ’13)
Sho Nakata and Shintaro Fujinami carrying their luggage into the cruiser (August 9, ’13 issue)
Sho Nakata and Tsuyoshi Nishioka get into a cab after cruising with beautiful women (August 9, ’13 issue).
Sho Nakata visited the Giants’ “pep rally” held just before the start of the ’23 season. He was a dignified man (April 21 and 28, 2011 issues).
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