Let’s play baseball!” Shohei Ohtani’s “alleged harassment” of Tomohiro Anraku, Rakuten, tramples on Shohei Ohtani’s love for his children. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Let’s play baseball!” Shohei Ohtani’s “alleged harassment” of Tomohiro Anraku, Rakuten, tramples on Shohei Ohtani’s love for his children.

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Tomohiro Anraku, a first-round draft pick and a stalwart of Rakuten’s bullpen, was reportedly harassed by several young players of the Rakuten Golden Eagles. ……

Tomohiro Anraku, a key pitcher for the Rakuten Golden Eagles professional baseball team, was reported to have “harassed” several of the team’s younger players.

One player complained that he was made to stand on his back in the locker room, with his lower body exposed while he was unable to move, and that a sock was placed over his pubic area, making him the laughing stock of the team. There are other players who have been similarly victimized.

Since it was a locker room, other players were also present, and it is reported that Masahiro Tanaka was also laughing at the scene. There are reports that the players did not listen to warnings from those around them, but it has caused a stir as to whether the older players could have taken a firm stand and stopped the incident.

(Sports newspaper reporter) After admitting that there were reports of damage, team president Masayuki Morii said, “We will investigate the matter thoroughly.

“We will investigate thoroughly,” he explained.

He explained, “We will investigate thoroughly. He said he would hold hearings with Yasura himself and the players. Hiroshi Mikitani, chairman and owner of the baseball team, has not responded at this time via X (formerly Twitter) or other means.

Other players have testified that they were slapped during camp and suffered whiplash symptoms, and that they were forced to pay money as a “fine,” and records of this exchange, such as LINE, also exist.

When he was captain of the team in his junior year at Jeumi High School, Anraku was banned from playing outside games for a year after a vicious bullying incident was discovered on the baseball team. Although not the victim of the bullying, numerous acts of violence were discovered, including second-year club members putting seagulls in the mouths of first-year students and attempting to force them to drink kerosene. It was pointed out that this may have been routine bullying, as there were 19 victims.

On SNS and other social networking sites, it was reported that

I may not have been a party to it when I was in high school, but even though I had such problems, I haven’t grown up at all.

“He was the captain of the team, but he couldn’t stop the bullying of the underclassmen?

He was the captain, but he couldn’t stop the bullying of his underclassmen.

If he slapped them so hard that they got whiplash, there is a possibility that it was not just power harassment, but also a crime of injury. Even though it was during camp, the players are professionals, and if their performance was affected by the whiplash, they may be able to file a civil claim for damages.

Furthermore, taking money from a player by calling it a “fine” without his permission could be considered extortion. The baseball team must take severe punishment, and if they take lenient punishment, they will be the target of criticism themselves.

What do boys and girls across the country think when they see the insidious world of professional baseball?

According to the “Estimated Number of Members of Junior High School Sports Associations” prepared by the Sports Agency, the population of softball players decreased from 307,053 in FY 2009 to 187,000 in FY 2008. It is predicted that the number will plummet to 23,575 by FY48. In addition to the declining birthrate problem, baseball is not particularly more popular than other sports.

With a sense of crisis over such a situation, from across the sea

Let’s play baseball!

Major league baseball player Shohei Otani donated 60,000 gloves to elementary schools across Japan with the message, “Let’s play baseball!

Bullying and harassment are outrageous in this day and age. Yasuraku’s act of trampling on Otani’s feelings is something that must not be tolerated.

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