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No time for “The Heart is Lonely”? Akashiya Sanma: “Surrounded by girls at Shin-Osaka station”

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Surrounded not only by uncle fans (right) but also by children (left) at Shin-Osaka Station, Akashiya Sanma

It was a Sunday evening at the end of October. A scene was unfolding inside Shin-Osaka Station.

Many people were waiting for Akashiya Sanma (68), who had just finished his work in Osaka and was returning to Tokyo, at Shin-Osaka Station. When Sanma entered the station, dressed in a white cap, stadium jumper, and blue jeans, his fans rushed to him at once. Among them was a girl holding a large stuffed animal.

Normally, it’s just a bunch of old men who call him ‘master,’ but on this day there were families with small children, and he was the first one to notice them and take a picture with them. It was like a grandfather taking a picture with his grandchildren,” said a person who was there.

Fans of the self-proclaimed “disciples” who had been watching from afar now surrounded him. The scene was like a “gathering of old men’s drinking buddies. The elderly fans also gathered around him, and he continued to politely respond to each of them until just before boarding the Shinkansen.

On November 16, NEWS POST SEVEN reported that the popular drama series “Heart is Lonely, Feelings are …” (Fuji TV), starring Sanma, is back after 21 years. The drama is scheduled to air next spring.

The drama started in 1984. It is a slapstick drama with the theme of love, in which Mr. Sanma plays the role but does his best to ad-lib. It has been broadcast up to the 11th episode, and the ad-libbing between the actress playing the heroine and Mr. Sanma has been the selling point of the drama.

(TV magazine reporter) In the past, the roles have been played by actresses such as Misako Tanaka, Yuki Matsushita, and Naoko Iijima, all of whom are well known for their comic timing, but according to the article, this time it will be Haruna Kawaguchi. She has already started filming and is said to be extremely busy.’ In the July 4, 2006 broadcast of “Honma Dekka! TV” (Fuji TV),

TV” (Fuji TV) on July 4, 2006, he said, “I have never felt lonely. Loneliness is something that people who can afford it say.”

Sanma said wisely. Certainly, he has no time to feel lonely at heart, judging from the way he served fans at Shin-Osaka Station.

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As soon as they showed up at Shin-Osaka Station, they were in an uproar!
First, a commemorative photo with the children.
Akashiya-sanma is surrounded by his fans who call themselves his disciples.
I noticed that behind the uncle fans, there was a group of lady fans.

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