Artist Beebee Rexha, the victim of “throwing a cell phone at her face,” showed her dynamite body at her first visit to Japan. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Artist Beebee Rexha, the victim of “throwing a cell phone at her face,” showed her dynamite body at her first visit to Japan.

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Beebee Rexa poses for a photo with a fan.

One night in late October, a large crowd gathered in front of a Japanese restaurant (Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo) that is very popular among foreign tourists because of its location in the Hollywood movie “Kill Bill. The majority of them were young women.

At the center of the crowd was Beebe Lexa, 34, a popular American singer-songwriter who was in Japan for the first time for a concert.

She debuted in ’10 as the vocalist of “Black Cards.” Since 2012, he has been working as a solo artist as well as providing songs to other artists. “The Monster,” which he provided to Eminem and Rihanna in ’13, reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top 100.

To date, she has sold an astounding 11 million singles, streamed 3.5 billion times, and has over 10 million Instagram followers,” said a music magazine editor.

What has further boosted her popularity is her “overwhelming facial power” with blonde hair and “eyes as big as bees (breta),” from which her real name, Breta Reja, is derived, as well as her dynamite body. And then there is her dynamite body. Many fans are fascinated by her gorgeous looks.

This was her first visit to Japan, and she wrapped her voluptuous body in a leather coat and responded “of course,” when fans surrounded her for two-shot photos.

In June this year, during a concert in New York, Beebe was hit in the face by a phone thrown from the audience and received three stitches. A video of the incident spread around the world on social networking services, but she updated her Instagram the next day to say, “Im good” (I’m okay),

She updated her Instagram page the next day and wrote, “Im good” (I’m okay, as in the song “I’m Good (Blue)”).

She posted two selfies of her injured face, which was painfully swollen, with only “Im good. There were concerns about her progress after that, but she was in a good mood that day as she enjoyed Japanese cuisine and was surrounded by her fans.

Her first visit to Japan was a success, and we hope that this will not happen again, and look forward to her next visit to Japan.

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Beebee Lexa’s dynamite body
Beebee Lexa poses for a photo with a fan
Biebe Rexha poses for a photo with a fan.
From her Instagram @beberexha on the same day
From her Instagram @beberexha
From her Instagram @beberexha

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