Overwhelming presence! Yu Aoi descends on the shopping street with Ryuhei Matsuda..! The aura of an actress who has not changed even after becoming a mother. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Overwhelming presence! Yu Aoi descends on the shopping street with Ryuhei Matsuda..! The aura of an actress who has not changed even after becoming a mother.

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On-Scene Photography of “On Location at the Same Time
Only one year after the birth of her first daughter, she was in demand for NHK’s morning dramas and other productions.

Filming ended near 9:00 pm. Aoi (right) and Matsuda return to the waiting room in the pouring rain. It looks like a scene from a TV drama.

One evening in early October when the night breeze was pleasant, a shopping street in Tokyo was crowded with shoppers. One of the most popular stores was a bakery with the name “Bakery 00” partially hidden.

The bakery was in fact the location for the popular TV drama “The Mother-in-law and Her Daughter Blues” (TBS). The other day, when Haruka Ayase (38) and Takeru Sato (34), who star in the drama, came in, there was a big commotion (laughs).

(Laughter)” (A resident of the neighborhood) “When the curtain went down at night, it was not Ayase but Yu Aoi (38) who appeared with her black hair tied back and black-rimmed glasses next to a red mom’s bicycle set up on the street.

She was wearing a rather subdued heavy coat and sandals, perhaps because the drama was set in winter. Next to her was Ryuhei Matsuda (40) in a suit. The unexpected appearance of this “gorgeous couple” caused a lot of excitement among onlookers.

Aoi is a talented actress who won the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2006 film “Hula Girls” and the Best Leading Actress Award in 2006 for “The Birds She Does Not Know Their Names.

Recently, Ken Murase, 49, producer of the hit drama “silent” (Fuji Television), introduced an episode on TV, saying, “I have made many offers and all have been turned down. He said, “For us TV producers, she is a solitary actress. She is one of the top actresses in Japan.

In her private life, she married Ryota Yamasato (46) of the comedy duo “Nankai Candies” in 2007. Last summer, their first daughter was born, but instead of taking maternity leave, she appeared in the TV series “Boogie Woogie,” which is currently airing. She plays the role of Reiko Yamato, the top star of the “Umemaru Shoujo Kagekidan,” whom the heroine Suzuko, played by Shuri (33), idolizes.

She is filming on location in Osaka with her eldest daughter, who has just turned one year old – but why is she in a shopping district in Tokyo? Some people say that an actress who has joined a family suddenly starts working is a sign that ″divorce is near,″ but …….

The most important thing to remember is that the actress is not a “family man,” but an actress who has been married for a long time and is now a full-time employee of the company. Her persistence leads to her “high threshold,” but conversely, if it is a job she likes, Aoi accepts it no matter how hard the schedule is or how little she is paid.

When she was editor-in-chief of the mook of her favorite idol “Angulum,” she was happy to accept interviews with idol magazines and magazines for the sake of publicity, even though she would never normally accept such work. The role of a star of a revue troupe in “Boogie Woogie” must have appealed to Aoi, who loves Takarazuka.

According to NHK officials, four months after the birth of her first daughter, Aoi resumed ballet lessons, which she had taken since she was two years old. She was steadily preparing for her return to acting. As long as she has this stoicism, Aoi is sure to continue to radiate an “aura of an actress.

Despite her extremely busy schedule, she spent a lot of time on location, but like a great actress, she showed her time to chat and laugh with the staff.
The secret behind Yu Aoi’s “aura of an actress” that hasn’t changed even after becoming a mother.

From the November 3, 2023 issue of “FRIDAY

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