Does he regret leaving Johnny’s? …Former “Kis-My-Ft2” Kitayama has made a series of “smelly posts” on SNS. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Does he regret leaving Johnny’s? …Former “Kis-My-Ft2” Kitayama has made a series of “smelly posts” on SNS.

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Kitayama, whose posts on SNS are often called into question [from his Instagram].

Former Kis-My-Ft2 member Hiromitsu Kitayama left the former Johnny’s office (SMILE-UP.) on August 31 of this year and transferred to TOBE, an agency founded by Hideaki Takizawa. Recently, he posted content on his official X (formerly Twitter) that involved his old colleagues and caused a firestorm. In addition, there were posts on SNS that “hinted” at Kis-My-Ft2, and some fans were turned off by them,” according to an entertainment writer.

On the night of October 18, Kitayama wrote to X, “Well, I’m NORTH. (original text in Japanese, same below). (Johnny’s WEST), which announced its name change on the same day due to the decision of the Johnny’s office to change its name following the sexual assault issue of the late Johnny Kitagawa. In English, “WEST” is “west” and “north” is “north,” so it was probably intended as a humorous shout-out.

Some took a favorable view of this, but not from most of the Johnny’s fans,

You moved to TOBE, and now you’re messing with us? Are you still in love with him?
Kitayama-kun, you’re so insensitive, it’s disgusting. You’re so insensitive, Kitayama, it’s sickening. You’re still stuck in your old agency, aren’t you?
I wish you would have thought of the feelings of the WEST. members who had to change their names and their fans.

I wish they would have thought a little about the feelings of the WEST. members who had to change their names and their fans. It is true that the reason why WEST. changed the group name was not a positive one, so perhaps it was not a topic that Kitayama, who had left the office, should have touched on.

On October 6, Kitayama continued to post on SNS, reminding people of Kis-My-Ft2: “Tokyo is sunny in autumn. It doesn’t look like it’s going to rain. In fact, Kis-My-Ft2’s own song “Ame” includes the part “Yasashii ame jime wo utsuppatsu” (gentle rain, hitting the ground), and fans were probably reminded of the song when they saw Kitayama’s post. Some even wrote the rest of the lyrics in the reply column.

He also updated his Instagram on January 18, posting a photo of his face covered by the hood of a hoodie and commenting, “The one I wanted to try: Hoodie sukki, the one that wraps you up. On the other hand, Yuta Tamamori of Kis-My-Ft2 posted a photo on his Instagram Stories on the 11th, also wearing a hoodie hood.

Some online posters predicted that Kitayama saw Tamamori’s postings and wanted to imitate him. It seems that there are only a few fans who do not feel comfortable with Kitayama’s use of SNS in this way. What is it with you and your lyrics the other day? Is he regretting leaving the group, or is he impatient with his current situation?

Speaking of Kitayama, Smart FLASH, a news site, published a report titled “Former Kissmai Hiromitsu Kitayama: ‘TOBE’ booming, ‘no work’ for a month, ‘Everyone seems to be busy,’ he said at the announcement of joining the group. As reported in an article published on October 17, there has been no overt activity since the move to TOBE. Currently, Kitayama’s recent activities and photos can be found only on X and Instagram, and he has become a “social networking comedian.

On the 4th, he reported on his Instagram, “I heard I’m going to dance a little! On the 4th, he reported, “I heard that I’m going to dance a little bit! However, at this point, they do not have any work sites that they can show to their fans, or they do not update their fan club site with new contents such as videos. Like Kitayama, former V6 member Ken Miyake, who moved to TOBE from the former Johnny’s, and IMP. (former Johnny’s Jr. and IMPactors) have already released songs for distribution. Also, former King & Prince members Yuta Jinguji, Shiyou Hirano, and Yuta Kishi announced on the 15th that they would start a unit called “Number_i”. Former Jr. member Tatsuki Daito is also starring in the October drama series “Boys with Secrets” (NTV).

Kitayama’s social networking has caused him to be disrespected, and his likability is rapidly declining. Kitayama is expected to make his solo debut at some point, but will he be able to regain the trust he has lost through his main line of work?

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