Polls show Robert F. Kennedy Jr. surging as the next presidential candidate…Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “Unusually popular” and “unprecedented statements” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Polls show Robert F. Kennedy Jr. surging as the next presidential candidate…Robert F. Kennedy Jr. “Unusually popular” and “unprecedented statements”

Close all U.S. military bases outside of Japan and save $880 billion! JFK's nephew and the "darkest dark horse" announces his candidacy for the U.S. Presidential election as an independent.

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A picture of him with former President John F. Kennedy taken when he was a child. His uncle was assassinated when he was nine years old.

Corona was clearly a bioweapon.

“Vaccines cause autism.”

A man who has no hesitation in spreading such dangerous theories ran for the U.S. presidency in 2012. He is Robert Kennedy Jr. His father is Robert Kennedy, former Attorney General and nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, a thoroughbred.

He has no political experience, but he is a lawyer from the Kennedy family, so his background is impeccable. In a June Economist poll, he was more favorable than incumbent President Joe Biden (80) and his opponent, former President Donald Trump (77), and in a July survey by the highly respected Harvard University Center for American Politics and the Harris Corporation, he topped the list of “Who would you prefer as president? A Reuters poll conducted in early October also gave him a 14% approval rating (third place).

What is worrisome is that those who support Mr. Kennedy are not attracted to him because of his “bloodline,” but because he has gained popularity by making radical assertions and statements that are unbelievable for a member of the Kennedy family,” said the foreign correspondent for a national newspaper.

In addition to the coronavirus discourse mentioned at the beginning of this article, Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly made a number of “ton-demonstration claims,” such as “the shootings are related to taking antidepressants” and “the CIA was involved in the assassination of my uncle, JFK,” and has made his presence felt. His sister, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (72), and other relatives have criticized him for repeating false claims, and his comments have only grown more vehement.

His political statements are also extreme. In May of this year, he said, “The U.S. foreign policy is bankrupt. Close the 800 U.S. military bases outside of the country, bring the soldiers home immediately, and allocate the budget freed up for domestic use. This is quite shocking, since annual U.S. defense-related spending exceeds 100 trillion yen. Biden’s supporters were appalled, saying, “It is unthinkable …… to close U.S. military bases outside the country, which play a fundamental role in global security.

On the other hand, it was received positively by those who thought, ‘We should use the money to focus on domestic policy, such as infrastructure development and economic measures. It is practically impossible to close all bases outside of the country, but he dared to make a bold statement to win over those who were dissatisfied with Mr. Biden. He is a strategist,” said Yoshio Hotta, an international journalist.

Will he be the “eye of the storm” in the presidential race?

Mr. Biden is a super elite who was educated at Harvard University and the London School of Economics, and holds a J.D. from the University of Virginia. He has a history of being arrested for marijuana possession.

From the November 3, 2023 issue of FRIDAY


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