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Blind Trust: Famous Celebrity Fathers Entrusting Their Sons and Unaware of Johnny Kitagawa’s Dark Secrets

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Taka (left) and Taiga Kyomoto (right) of One Ok Rock, who were second-generation talents and janitors.

With Noriyuki Higashiyama and Yoshihiko Inohara at the top of the new organization, many are concerned about Higashiyama’s wife, Yoshino Kimura, and Inohara’s wife, Asaka Seto.

Junichi Okada, who recently announced that he would be leaving the group at the end of November, may have thought that his continued affiliation would not only hinder his own sponsorship and overseas expansion, but also affect the activities of his wife, Aoi Miyazaki.


In addition to these wives of Johnny’s, there were also those who asked that no one is saying a word, and if it is okay?. And if he is regretting what he did? The fathers of Johnny’s are also concerned.

The Johnny’s dads here are not the fathers of ordinary people, but famous celebrities. Several of the Japanese celebrities have famous fathers.

Masaki Meguro (now Masaki Nishina), the son of the late Hiroki Matsukata, became famous after his sudden marriage and speedy divorce from Hanako, the eldest daughter of Yumi Takigawa.

He was a member of Johnny’s office when he was in elementary school. Of course, he did not get in through an audition, but Matsukata-san asked Johnny’s office to let him in. Once upon a time, Matsukata-san said that the reason he let his son join Johnny’s was so that he could learn things like courtesy.

Given this, I believe that Matsukata-san had not heard about Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault, even at the rumor level. However, looking at Masaki’s subsequent mischievous behavior, it is doubtful whether he has learned proper courtesy.

One of the most controversial cases in the way Masaki was admitted to the school was that of Mori Shinichi’s eldest son, Moriuchi Takahiro, now Taka of ONE OK ROCK.

He joined Johnny’s office in August 2001, and on October 19 of the same year, he made his first appearance on TV Asahi’s Music Station, singing Cape Erimo, one of his father’s representative songs, as a member of Johnny’s Jr. The following year, he jumped in to perform at his parents’ joint concert, which was a surprising feat for a Jr. member who had just joined the group.

Then in 2003, he was chosen as one of the nine members to form NEWS. Two months later, he made his CD debut with the single NEWS Nippon, which included the image song for the Volleyball World Cup 2003, but fans were cold toward him.


“Johnny’s fans spend a lot of money and passion to make CD debuts for the members they have supported since their Jr. days,” said one fan. He was blatantly rejecting MORIUCHI, who was able to skip a grade by simply being the son of MORI Shinichi and debut immediately.

At events and concerts, he would intentionally not react when he introduced himself. Some fans were saying ‘scene’ with their mouths. It was a variant of booing.

He may not have been bothered by the fact that he was away from home for so long, but three months later he suspended his activities to concentrate on his studies, and soon after voluntarily withdrew from the group. It is said that underage smoking and female scandals in gossip magazines may have been the reason for his departure.


However, Hiroki Moriuchi, the third son of the Mori family, and Hiro of “MY FIRST STORY,” were also members of Johnny’s office when they were in elementary school. As you know, both the eldest and third sons are very successful vocalists in rock bands, and no fans may be aware of their involvement with Johnny’s at this time.

The same goes for Ryuta Mine’s eldest son, Kei Shimojima. Like Masaki Meguro, he, too, was admitted to the school by his parents, who wanted him to learn good manners. Until a few years ago, he said that he was still a member of Johnny’s, but now he has left the group and is married.

Shimojima worked as a reporter for a Chunichi Dragons-related program at a local station while still a member of Johnny’s. He was a Dragons fanatic. He was a reporter for a TV program related to the Chunichi Dragons for a local station while belonging to Johnny’s. He must have gotten this job through his father’s connections, who is famous for being an ardent fan of the Dragons, and not through Johnny’s sales. Because he is the son of a celebrity, his contract was probably different from other Jr.

When Yuta Uekusa (now Yuta Higuchi), the eldest son of Katsuhide Uekusa of Shonen-tai fame, who has recently been frequently sending his support to Higashiyama, became a Johnny’s Jr. member, both the agency and fans were very excited, but he left the group after his parents’ divorce.

In 2011, he won the Photogenic Award at the 24th Junon Super Boy Contest as Yuta Higuchi, which was decided by the number of votes from fans. Since then, he has been steadily continuing his entertainment activities.

Katsuhide Uekusa, father of Yuta Higuchi, whose father and son belonged to Johnny’s.

The two current members are Keito Okamoto, the eldest son of Kenichi Okamoto and a former member of Hey! Say! Jump. In terms of special treatment, Taiga is perhaps the best example. His father, Masaki, was scouted by a direct call from Mr. Johnny’s after an acquaintance sent a picture of him to the Johnny’s office, and was enthusiastically encouraged to join the group.


In fact, he was scouted by Mr. Johnny, who called his father directly and asked him to join the group. After joining the group in 2006, he formed a unit called Shonen Hogaku Senka in 2010 and appeared in Takizawa Kabuki.

He then appeared in TV dramas and other activities as an actor, but when “SixTONES” was formed in 2015, he was chosen as a member. It took him a while to make his CD debut in 2020, but his success is evident. (Entertainment office executive)


Since that time, Masaki has expressed his heartfelt thanks to Hideaki Takizawa in interviews with the media, but now there are whispers that “SixTONES” will be transferred to “TOBE.”

What they have in common is that they probably had no knowledge of Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual assaults until the news broke. If they had known, there is no way they would have entrusted their precious sons to him, no matter how much they wanted to learn etiquette. When you think about it, there may be a sense of regret.

How are the fathers feeling in their hearts? 


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Daiga Kyomoto on location for a drama (December 16, ’22 issue)
World boxing champion Kazuto Ioka (left) and Taka of “One Ok Rock (August 3, 2018 issue)
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Masaki Nishina, son of the late Hiroki Matsukata, and Akiko Nishina (January 29, 2010 issue)
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