Fans are furious at the “money-oriented” “Association of Johnny’s Parties” for finally offering “compensation for the profits of the new company as well. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fans are furious at the “money-oriented” “Association of Johnny’s Parties” for finally offering “compensation for the profits of the new company as well.

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Shimon Ishimaru (right), vice-president of the “Association of the Persons Concerned,” and Junya Hiramoto, representative of the “Association of the Persons Concerned,” say they are “just looking for money.

On October 16, the last day of the “Johnny’s Office,” the “Association of Parties Concerned with Johnny’s Sexual Assault Issues” published its final letter of request on its website, causing a stir.

The letter of request consists of seven items. Reading the letter thoroughly, one can see the “ideal image” that the association is seeking.

One of the most shocking items is the following

“Profits from the new company should also be used to compensate victims and provide relief.

The Japan Needs Agency announced on January 17 that the company had decided to take the company’s profits into consideration.

Johnny’s changed its name to “SMILE-UP. The company will only be engaged in the business of compensating victims of sex trafficking, and will be closed down in the future. The name of the new company, which will be launched in November, will be decided by public solicitation.

According to the association, the profits from the business activities to be taken over by the agent company will be used to pay for the various copyrights, portrait rights, merchandise income, and real estate of the talent that will be taken over from the former Johnny’s office, and in effect, the profits will be used to pay for the services of the new company.

“The profits from the business activities taken over by the agent company are substantially based on the legacy of Mr. Janie Kitagawa,”

He explained that the company was “built on the legacy of Mr. Janney Kitagawa. He then requested that a certain amount of the profits be donated to organizations that provide compensation and relief to victims of sexual assault, as well as to organizations that support victims of sexual assault and minors who have no relatives.

Under this theory, when a group named after Janney releases a calendar or sings a song, it is interpreted as “based on Janney’s legacy,” and a portion of the proceeds must be used to compensate the victims. Some fans commented, “That’s not right.

That’s not right.
Some groups are making efforts regardless of Mr. Janney’s legacy.
The term “legacy” of Janney Kitagawa is so abstract that I don’t understand it.

The deputy representative said, “I’m just after the money.

In addition to this, the request states

“the participation of several people recommended by the parties’ associations in the Victims’ Relief Committee.”

The Association of the Parties requested that The Association of the Concerned Parties

The association expressed dissatisfaction with the Johnny’s’s office’s arbitrary decision to set up the Victims’ Relief Committee without listening to the voices of the victims.

The committee is currently calculating the amount of money to be paid by the relief committee. Currently, three former judges are actually in charge of calculating the amount of money in the relief committee. The Association of the Parties to the Lawsuit

The Association of the Parties criticizes the establishment of the website, saying that it is based on the premise of being “beyond the law,” but that the website is set up in such a way that it gives the impression that the amount of money is calculated by former judges.

The group is criticizing the website.

Regarding the association, it is reported that Mr. Hiramoto made a direct request to join the relief committee when he met with Noriyuki Higashiyama and Keiko Julie Fujishima on March 3. According to a source with knowledge of the parties’ association.

“The bottom line is that they say the compensation is ‘beyond the law,’ but as long as the three former judges decide on the amount, they fear that it will settle for a common-sense amount. It means that they cannot claim ‘above the law, but not an exorbitant amount.

I have heard that some members of the parties’ association are exactly ready to charge an exorbitant amount. They must have taken that into consideration and nailed it.”

Related to this is the request to understand SMILE’s assets and the budget allocated for compensation.

The association was skeptical and wondered, “How much compensation can SMILE provide?”

The association is skeptical about this. It seems that SMILE may be willing to send recommended members to the relief committee to get a full picture of the situation.

They are also seeking changes to the “settlement agreement” that is concluded when SMILE and a sexual victim come to terms on conditions.

The association warns that a one-time fee is not the end of the story, and that flashbacks to the damage may occur in the future and have a serious impact on the victims’ physical and mental health.

‘I guess you could say they want permanent compensation. Some people suffer throughout their lives and are unable to lead a normal social life because of sexual assault. Apart from this, we also urge that the scope of compensation be extended to the families of victims. The theory is that it is not only the victims who are suffering.

It is safe to say that the sexual assaults committed by Mr. Janney will remain in the history of mankind. Shimon Ishimaru, the deputy representative, said on his YouTube channel

It’s all about the money!

As Shimon Ishimaru, vice representative of SMILE, asserts on his YouTube channel, “It’s all about the money!

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