Johnny’s’s Future…””Trial Hell” Kevin Spacey, acquitted in July, is accused of sexual assault again. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Johnny’s’s Future…””Trial Hell” Kevin Spacey, acquitted in July, is accused of sexual assault again.

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Kevin Spacey (left) explains his sexual assault to the media and Julie Fujishima apologizes for Janie Kitagawa’s sexual assault issue.

Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey was sued by a male masseuse for demanding sexual favors during a massage. The masseur is claiming damages, TMZ reported.

Spacey was charged with nine counts of sex crimes against four men in the UK, but was recently acquitted in a London court on July 26.

According to the complaint, on three occasions in August and September ’16, Spacey called a male masseuse to a room at the New York Edition Hotel under a false name and received a 90-minute massage.

According to the article, the masseuse claimed that Spacey repeatedly pressured him to perform sexual acts during the massages, including demanding that he begin massaging around his buttocks. Spacey then said he was going to do yoga poses during the massage, exposing his own buttocks and genitals, which made the therapist uncomfortable.

Spacey also became sexually aroused several times during the sessions and offered to provide additional money for the sexual acts. She also alleges that the masseuse repeatedly made sexual comments about her appearance and physique and grabbed the therapist’s hand and attempted to apply it to her genitals.”

The masseuse sued for damages, claiming that she suffered mental and emotional distress from Spacey’s inappropriate sexual conduct and still suffers from anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and is anxious about her regular job and life.

Spacey was accused by another male masseuse in ’16 of touching his genitals during a massage, but Spacey denied the accusation. The charges were dropped after the male masseuse who had claimed the damage died while police were investigating.

Also, in a case in which he was charged with nine counts of sexual assault against four men in the United Kingdom, the man who claimed victimization accused Spacey of aggressively grabbing him between the legs and calling him

“a vile, slimy, serpentine predator.”

and other such claims.

Another aspiring actor claimed that he fell asleep after going for a beer with him, but when he woke up Spacey had performed oral sex on him.

Speaking of Spacey, he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “The Usual Suspects” in ’95.’ In 1999, he won the same award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for “American Beauty.

However, in October ’17, actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of attempting to sexually assault him in ’86, when he was then 14 years old. Spacey was

‘I was deeply intoxicated and don’t remember.’

He apologized and came out as gay, stating that he was

“It was a clever ploy to deflect attention away from the sexual harassment.

and other accusations from the industry and the LGBTQ community.

Rapp then filed a civil lawsuit against Spacey for $40 million (about $5.573 billion) for sexual abuse in 1986, but a jury in Manhattan federal court in New York last October dismissed the plaintiff’s suit, and Spacey won.

Spacey was reported for more than a dozen more similar sexual assault allegations, and in December ’18 he was criminally charged with indecent assault of a then 18-year-old man, but the charges were dropped in July ’19 due to a lack of cell phone records to serve as evidence.

Spacy is truly stuck in a hell of a trial that she cannot get out of. It looks like a “predicted future” for Johnny’s s office, which has also been rocked by the sexual assault issue.

What will happen this time? The future of the new sexual assault trial will be closely watched.

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