The Pitfalls of “Second Partners,” Married Couples Who Have Never Had a Physical Relationship, Lurking in the Healing of the Heart. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The Pitfalls of “Second Partners,” Married Couples Who Have Never Had a Physical Relationship, Lurking in the Healing of the Heart.

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The people involved are enjoying a fulfilling “second partner life,” free from the daily grind, but…

Second partners” is a popular term for married couples on matchmaking apps. The idea is to have a romantic relationship, but not a physical one. In Part I, “Love but No Physical Relationship,” we spoke with men who currently have a second partner and women who are looking for a second partner.

Part 1: “Love but No Physical Relationships”-Is the Proliferation of “Second Partners” on Married Persons Apps an Adulterous Affair or Just Before?

  • The majority of married women are “in a physical relationship” on apps for married couples

While there are those who are looking for a “second partner” as defined by the above two, they seem to be in the minority among app users. The opinions of the majority are as follows. First, from the men,

If you are really looking for a pure friend, you can use social networking services such as X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram nowadays, so why don’t you just look for someone on those? It’s not worth it to go to the trouble of paying to use a matching app.

The women, on the other hand, were also surprisingly positive about the idea. On the other hand, surprisingly few women are in the positive camp.

The more we get to know each other, the more we want to touch each other. You can’t say ‘I’ll never have a physical relationship with you.

I think it’s just a meal until you fall in love, but in the end you enjoy the process because you know it’s going to happen.

There are plenty of regular friends out there, so I don’t see the point of going to the trouble of using an app to meet someone without a physical relationship.

These opinions were more harsh than those of the men.

Married people who use matching apps must feel very guilty about their spouses. Neither of the two men mentioned above has told their spouses that they are looking for a “second partner,” nor do they intend to do so in the future. Even if they do not have a physical relationship, it is still difficult to tell their spouses, and if the existence of a “second partner” were to be discovered, their spouses would definitely think they were having an “affair” involving physical relations. If I may say so, I have not been unfaithful, so I may be able to avoid the risk of a serious incident.

  • The “luxury” second partner

The term “second partner” is still new. The definition of the term is not well understood, and some women seem to have a somewhat distorted view of the term. One man told us that a woman said to him, “I want a second partner.

I recently had an exchange with a woman who said she wanted a second partner and wanted to connect with someone from the heart. When I asked her when she feels connected to me from the heart, she said, ‘I feel it when he gives me presents on my birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, takes me out to dinner somewhere I wouldn’t normally go, or surprises me with something.

This makes it sound like they want to be connected not by “heart” but by “money. This type of “thank-you” girl inevitably appears on matching apps. One man in his 60s received a message like this.

When we meet, I would like to receive your travel expenses as a thank-you.

I have a lot of bills to pay this month.

If I could be your girlfriend, I would like a gift and some spending money.

The danger that the common problem of older men not wanting to have physical relations with older men, and then taking it as a favor, which is common on existing matching and daddy dating apps, will increase in the future on married men-only apps as well.

Second Partner is still in the minority in the matching app world, where the majority of users are “physically involved,” and if you choose the right partner, you may be able to find “emotional healing. However, it seems that the public’s evaluation is not much different from that of “adultery.

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