The overwhelming aura of Arimura’s “store clerk outfit” in Ginza | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The overwhelming aura of Arimura’s “store clerk outfit” in Ginza

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Ginza, 10:10 a.m.

Arimura standing in front of a tobacco store in Ginza. She seems to be playing a clerk in a new movie. She is very active in TV dramas and movies.

A woman stares at the street from inside a long-established tobacco store in Ginza (Chuo Ward). She is Kasumi Arimura (28), who looks as if she is lost in thought. This is a scene from the filming of a new movie that took place in mid-November.

Wearing a school uniform, Arimura was photographed serving customers at a counter in a store. Later, while wiping down the store showcase, she gazes at the street with a sorrowful expression on her face, as shown in the beginning of the film. But when a customer speaks to her, she goes back to the store.

Arimura is keen to work in films shot by directors she trusts. The documentary film “People and Work,” which is currently in theaters, was originally intended to be a dramatic film based on a nursery school teacher, but the shooting was put on hold due to the Covid-19 disaster. The film was hurriedly turned into a documentary in which Arimura and Jun Shison (26) interviewed various people on the theme of work after the Covid-19 disaster. Arimura was anxious about filming her first documentary, but in the end, it seems to have helped her as an actress,” said an entertainment industry insider.

(Entertainment industry insider) I’m sure this experience will be put to good use in her new performance.

This magazine has not yet published a cut of this article, but we found Arimura filming a movie in Ginza in the early morning.

From “FRIDAY” December 3, 2021 issue

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